NPC/Brittany Black

Getting Ready for the Showcase.

When preparing for a up hill, down hill battle. You will find yourself dedicating, understanding commitment, and being disciplined to reach your goals to win the prize.

Building and becoming a successful showcase bikini competition, takes time and a lot of self motivation. 

Getting started :

First thing first when getting started. Take a good look at yourself in the mirror. You see the imperfections that you have to change and overcome.  There’s going be some this belief and sometimes of course wanting to just giving up on the process. But you can’t quite, because you’ve got a motivating coach blow his or her whistle, along with your inner self telling you to push on through.  The test of time will show others and you of course. The amazing job that you’ve done to and for yourself.  Just like Michelangelo you’ve scoped out your body into a work of art.  Your walk, personality, and your overall look has come together. 

In the process:

Meal prep is very, very important. It is best to prep your meals out for the course of each day of the week.  That’s breakfast, lunch, dinner and you’re going to place healthy snacks in between each of the major meals.  No fatty foods are allowed. So good bye to the fried chicken, pizza, french fries, and cheeseburgers. Also you’ve got to watch your intake of sugars.  Peace out to the sodas, ice cream, cakes and pies. 

“Built for it.” Is just a small phrase that Brittany Black believes in and encourages others to also believe in themselves as she also  personal  trains her clients through their own personal fitness journey. Single mother of one baby boy. With the assistance and support of her mother.  Brittany is able to rise up in the early mornings to train clients and then receive her own training from her coach. As Ms. Black prepares herself for the process of entering into competition.

She buckles down, stays dedicated, never breaks her eating schedule or diet, stays on top of her fitness and posing rehearsals. Most of all; she a long with her family and friends stayed in prayer, for the winning success. “Thank you Jesus!” As her mother repeated as others screamed out her name when she was announced the winner overall. The new  2023 NPC Bikini division champion of the year. Built for it and ready for the next challenge to accomplish. 

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