My ex-husband left, and I kept the dog. I have a 5-year-old 150-pound Italian Mastiff Cane Corso. He is beautiful and he has a sweet personality. 

Moreover, he does not realize how BIG he is really. In addition, he acts like a lap dog. 

He loves to cuddle up with me on the living room sofa. He’s socialized, and very well trained. He interacts with children, adults, and dogs. 

He’s submissive with smaller dogs. He does very well with and without a dog leash. 

We canvas through our neighborhood daily. I never know which direction we are going to take. Most days I let Rocket lead the way. 

We usually walk 2 to 3 miles everyday. Regardless, if it’s raining, snowing, hot, or below freezing outside. 

Rocket would always find a spot in a shaded area so that he can chill out for a while, especially on a hot summer day.

We have gained a lot of friends along the way. Some people know us by name. 

Other people would blow their horn and wave at us as they drive by. And some people act as if Rocket is a CELEBRITY! 

They hold traffic, asking questions and taking pictures of him. It’s always funny to see the expression on people’s faces as they drive by saying “what is that”, “is that a horse?”, “do you need a saddle?”, or “he’s bigger than you are.”

Photo by Tabitha Keys

Jan, our neighbor, who lives up the street from our condo. Looks out of her kitchen window waiting for us to walk by. So that she can give Rocket a doggie treat. 

Daniel and her dog Sadie were a little reluctant at first to befriend us because Rocket is so big, and Sadie is so small. Cathie and her dog Molly live around the way. Sometimes we stop by so that I can chat, enjoy a cup of coffee, and let the dogs run around and play in the grass.

It’s not so bad after all that I kept the dog.

 It’s good to meet friends in unexpected places. 

I just wanted to talk about my beloved Rocket, in hope to share more exciting adventures with you very soon.


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