The cries of the incarcerated, from the walls of Menard Federal Correctional Centers are no more important than the shooting that take place in other countries.  Those cries, those complaints stem from men constantly having their rights violated and using COVID-19 Department of Corrections as the protection excuse card.

How can any human being, explain the cruel and inhuman treatment and along with a kindergarten type justification of locking pre-release men in segregation areas for their health protection?  Maybe, you aren’t aware of this behavior in DOC, yet it happened every day.

In Menard, telling them I said this, they need to be investigated on every level. We are speaking about human beings, with no violations, yet being treated as violators and segregated from the population because you are going home in say, 10 days?

How can a person be okay 25 days before release but now 12 days later they are in great danger of what? Why isn’t there any investigation taking place right here?

Please know this, there are many institutions across the country where both genders are being mistreated in this manner and my question is simply. Why are they being punish for being place in pre-release status?

It’s a known fact, absent human contact and endless monotony, causes panic attacks, depression, some suffer from hallucination and paranoia and again why should they expe4eince some of these pains?

Does anyone even care about those people incarcerated in Menard Prison?  Persons incarcerated are more in the bubble than those employed @ Menard Prison, but they are still being mistreated.  

Prison reform deals with changing the rules but not the system. Changing the laws or institutional policies while the system remains the same, is a waste of time on their phony, we care show.

In regards, the system protects abusive officers and ignores the prisoners wanting to be treated as human being. Despite the laws changing, the system is speaking another language to its members in the Department of Corrections.

Those members cover for each other’s, just like the police department regardless of the abuse, they will make it appear as if those in prisons are in the wrong.  Yes, there is some truth but it’s very low. I just wanted to share this information with the readers. 

In closing, at Menard’s there definitely needs to be a thorough investigation.

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