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Boosie and Lil Nas two very hot talents with many fans

There is nothing like getting that warm cup of latte with almond milk and caramel. And listening to your favorite jazz song or better yet just simply waking up in the morning.

It seems like a pure level of infantility for a grown man to attack another man’s lifestyle. I have never read so much hatred and filthy words from a celebrity before in my days.

Boosie, a widely known rap artist and Lil Nas X, the infamous sensation that is breaking the pop charts worldwide, both are beefing. Well, let Lil Nas X put it, they are working on music together.

Whereas, Boosie is calling Lil Nas X the queen of gay-ville, if you will. If you go on Twitter,you will know that ole Boosie doesn’t not take kindly to the pop charting Lil Nas X racy behavior.

Or as Lil Nas X roaring fans would put it, Boosie is a homophobic black man. A typical black man who is jealous of another black man success.

Boosie’s choice of libels compelled him to bash Lil Nas for not only being openly gay. But to his disgust on how Lil Nas X and other gay men chose to engage in sexual stimulation.

You can find Lil Nas X and a group of boys shaking their tail feathers in his steaming hot Industry video. Or you can see him giving the devil a very provocative lap dance in Montero.

Montero courtesy of You Tube

Whether if Lil Nas X is gay or not. Boosie should just be a bigger person and allow the young man to express himself and count his money.

Boosie words of crash endearment had gone on to wish Lil Nas X well, but telling him to keep on taking d&$k up his a+s.However, we do not know if Lil Nas X is trying to squash the beef or just ignore..

True to form, we do know this, Lil Nas X is continuing to climb the charts and break the bank.And his homo-attacker Boosie is sitting on the sideline pouting and threatening him with gangster proses.

Maybe one day all of this will be resolved and hopefully there will be a chance for a collaboration.But for now Boosie wants Lil Nas X to keep his name out of his mouth.

I am hoping that one day Boosie would just move away from his abomination. Because it doesn’t look like it is bothering Lil Nas X one bit. He is constantly doing a lot of lap dances with the Billboard/streaming charts.


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