‘NJOY your LIFE this awesome day as a part of Divine FLOW 

let it all go

Stand tippy toe

Tippy Toe Tippy Toe!

Walking Wobbling

Where you go

Only you know

One thing for sure

Even though it feels insecure

 your giggles giving a childlike innocence not giving a Dam about how you look

So openly you wiggle and wobble 

Like a 2-year-old learning to stand alone

From side 2side we move, giggle giggling more & more

It lights up your SOUL …

Tippy Toe, go with the flow

Feeling youthful and not old

Knowing and growing is the way to fun and exploring your curiosity 

Fabulously undeniably Noticeably

Joyfully and Blissfully on my tippy toes 

Dance your way toe by toe 

To your inner child’s playfulness and creativity …

So Tip, Tip , Tip Tip Tip away Always..

My, oh My!

Snap. Snap!

Pop Pop!

Strawberry Kool aid in my mason jar glass

A vanilla Johnny cake cookie made by Granny

Waiting for me

On the kitchen table…

a few tippy toes away!

 A game of pretend I say to play on a very dreary day

Gather all your family and friends in the back yard to play.

On your tippy Toe, race each other to those ribs just off the grill

Plated on picnic table all covered in Granny Hot barbecue


So, Tippy Tippy Toe  away I go!

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