No burning bush required 

Cause my Hearts on Fire

Blazing with TRUTHS that inspires!

I Am

Thee Alive N Aliveness 

Thee Aware N Awareness 

Thee Awake N Awakened 

Thee Art N Artist 

A masterpiece Created by The Master Artist 


Thee Be N Being 

Thee Beauty N Beautiful 

Thee Beloved N Beloving 

Bestowed Grace by Source 2 Be a gracious Unique Human Being 


Thee Center N Centeredness 

Thee Calm N Calmness 

Thee Curious N Curiosity

Thee Courage N Courageous 

Courageously I embrace Each moment of Every new day…


Thee Divine N Divinely 

Thee Dream N Dreamer

Thee Essence in Essences

Thee Emerge N Emerging 

Thee Evolve N Evolving 

                         Thee Fun N Funny

Thee Flow N Flowing…

I AM Light, I Am Love …

IAM Lit and I shine Bright 


Thee Great N Greatness 

Thee Go N Going 

Thee Happy N Happiest 

Thee image N Imagination 

Thee Inspire N Inspiring 

Thee Joy N Joyfulness

Thee kind N Kindness 

Thee Know N Knowingness 

Thee. Love N Loving 

IAM luminous, I Am Love 

IAM Lit and I shine Bright 


Thee magnificent N Magnificently 

Thee Magic N Magical 

Thee Nice N Nicely 

Thee Organic N Organically

Thee Poet N poetry 

Thee Peace N peacefulness 

I courageously celebrate this infinite essence that holds me lovingly. I do me!!

Cultivating the courage to live in this world, this matrix and not of it  I am Living in full expression. 

Forward I go guided by The Almighty surrounded by its Light and Love!

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