People giving tithes and offerings in church

I need to reiterate to the reading audience. I write among other reasons, it my gift from God to communicate and I love sharing the information I learned or have experienced.

Writing is not a venting mechanism outlet for me. I use writing as my platform to speak for God and teach the people, not to cause divisions.

However, the called upon my life is Apostolic and that’s the realm I operated from within that anointing. It means a lot more than the definition provides and that’s why I tackle subjects that others may run from, and this is one of those, Tithing.

Last week we spoke about where tithing originated from and how it started long before the law was implemented to the chosen people, being Israel.  In the modern-day churches; especially denominational churches, the familiar plea is when the offering time comes is: God loves a cheerful giver.

Will a man rob God? The purpose behind the offering is to pay the bills of the church and that’s understandable, however the method id demonic.

I said what I said! I pay tithes to my church and IF I decide to seed into another place it’s my choice or God leading but never obligated or intimidating. Yet, the spirit of witchcraft, which is intimidation, manipulation and domination runs freely in many churches.

There are some churches in America, demanding their leaderships produce their WW2’s to see if they are true tithers and if not, will not be allowed to serve in that clergy capacity there at that church!  That’s demonic and God isn’t in that! In the book of Hebrews, so no one will think this is my opinion, Hebrew 9:28 “So Christ was sacrificed ONCE to take away the sins of many, and He will appear a second time, not to bear sins but to bring salivation to those who are waiting for Him”.

For anyone to bring their tithes into the store house, it must be accompanied with those tithes, a sin offers or sin offerings because that was system. Jesus dismissed those practices @ the cross through the shedding of the blood.

So why are the people hearing “You have robbed me in tithes and offerings”?  Yes, it’s in the bible but God was speaking to the Prophet Malachi, who was allowing the priests to forget their duties. The priests were accepting all kind of offering that didn’t line up with the Law. God told them to take this mess to the governor and see if he will accept it. Malachi 1:9. God was upset at that disrespect the priests were allowing the people to bring to Him and then they wanted to act brand new. Like God, how are we disrespecting you?

 So, my point is, they knew better, and many pastors know better as well. In my opinion along with my years of life experiences in the churches, many are pimping the members of the church.

You see the spirit of intimidation, will have and do have people giving money to the church causes, while suffering on the outside. God told me years ago, when I was in OCC [ Ozark Correctional Center in MO] “My people bring me sin offerings for their sins of the week”.

God was saying to in 1994 the people think money will take away their sins and bring them in right standing with Him.

Just recently, I was in a church, and I saw this pastor make a request across the pulpit to support a particular organization, but had tickets for an upcoming event in two weeks and support the church anniversary.

Get ready for Part 3 coming your way soon.Stay blessed.

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