Fulfilling the goals and sticking to them throughout the new year is a tricky one. What are your goals for a better stronger healthier you? Each and every time we always say I’m going to get into the gym and get myself fit and either loss or tighten up, after all of the holiday eating is done.

That’s called a New Years Resolution. 

It is time to be real with yourself and began the refresher course.

Step one: Seeing is to believing after you’ve noticed that you need get back into the gym. To give new strength or energy to reinvigorate, that’s what it means to refresh.

Step two: Don’t make any absurd goals that you possibly can’t keep up with when it comes to a workout plan. I suggest that you find yourself a CPT (Certified Personal Trainer) and ask him or her to help you in your journey getting fit. Don’t walk into a gym and get discouraged from seeing others working out on all of the fancy weighted machines and state of the art treadmills. Just a deep breath and remember that everyone there is working in their own refresher course. 

Step three: Now that you’ve started back into the gym whether you’ve gotten with a trainer or are just doing yourself, begin to start picking the right vitamins and nutritional value foods. You don’t want to start off eating junk food and stuff if you trying to be refreshed coming from the 2021 year.

Step four: Putting everything in perspective and making the plans of action setting a realistic goal, and the reward after the goal has been achieved. Don’t set the bar to high of reaching your goal, but make sure to challenge yourself and reward yourself with a new goal. This is what I call graduating growth. 

Graduating growth is the ability to believe in yourself, conquering any challenges put in front of you.

Step five: Repeat steps two, three, four daily and never forget about step one. Because without it you wouldn’t have even stepped out into the idea of even refreshing yourself from the beginning. Continuing your plans of your refresher course, help yourself to a much better healthier you.

You will find yourself resting, eating, and feeling better. If you simply practice your own design of refresher course. You see your goal is to be refreshed and a new you each and every year.

Somebody Loves You courtesy of Bryan Hines

1Kings 13:7

And the king said unto the man of God. Come home with me and refresh thyself, and I will give thee a reward.

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