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Yes, the obvious is happening as it is in many prisons across the nation. Violence is expected to happen at some point, in some sort of fashion because of prisons breed unhealthy behaviors.

Any former incarcerated person will agree, when drugs are allowed, gambling allowed, favoritism allowed and racism allowed. Along with instructional cover ups, employees having sex with the incarcerate persons, you will have these problems.

When people are confine away from home with no visits, limited movement and steady pile of lies from staff. Yes too much tension to pray it down. Those issues must be addressed, and they aren’t because though the law has changed, the system is still intact and remains alive.

When you hear a former correctional officer shared on TV how dangerous it is and anyone can die in there. First, they implemented control movement, so not all the incarcerated, in Missouri State Prisons are out at the same time.

Secondly, when this behavior happens, the officers are usually wearing riot gear and are AMP UP! At night, the incarcerated are locked down and remain locked down until it announces for some sought of movement.

Meaning, they are in the dorm until its time to work or eat. Yes, the stabbing is true, because you have different gang members, broke as the ten commandments, but still holding on to grudges from the street and soon, someone buys the high price soup and its on!

Those isolated incidents and here is what needs to be address and include in the rival here at the prison site. If it so dangerous, why aren’t more staff injured and I am not promoting harming anyone, but why aren’t other officers harmed? What did this officer do or say?

See its wasn’t a random act. Its like those drive by shooting, yes innocent people get harm, but they are targeting someone. It’s like they decided to just shoot up the street or vehicle. They are looking for someone. The officer who was stabbed and the person who stabbed the officer both need to be investigated.

Look at those cameras and see what relationship they had.  Finally, it’s been widely reported, there is a shortage of personal hygiene products in some prisons across Missouri and this shortage is leading to stress and high tension.

But again, in my opinion the investigation needs to start with the person in charge at Bonne Terre, and go on down the line. A private investigation because, the system will protect its own, at all costs!

My question remains as I leave, what is really going on at Bonne Terre Correctional Center in Missouri? 

Thank you for reading my article and until next time, peace!

Courtesy of Fox 2 News St Louis, MO

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