More Spiritual Prose: How does all the other offerings relate to tithing?

God allowed the practice of tithing to be implemented into His church. But what He has yet to implement are all those slave programs in His church.

Last week, we spoke about or rather ended with a pastor, like so many others, deceiving the people. He asked the people to support an organization, plus buy tickets to a Christmas clown show and celebrate another slave function in his church.

God allowed the practice of tithing to be implemented into His church. But what He has yet to implement are all those slave programs in His church.

That’s what they are, slave programs that steal money from the people. God hasn’t told any pastor to sell tickets in His church.

He hasn’t spoken to anyone about selling tickets or dinners in the His house. And He has not approved such slave function.

It places people in more bondage than they were before. Nah, this isn’t a devil, since there is only one devil and many demons.

Nah this is demonic and deliberate. Slave programs always have a cost to them and they come under the heading called Lifting up the name of Jesus!

But let’s stay with tithings. Now hear me well, praising God is always on point and giving a seed to the speaker is for your benefit but its not shared that way.

Why waste your money giving to a voice when God tells us in Luke 6:38, “Give and IT will be given to you. A good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over, will be pour into your lap”.

When it speaks about your lap, @ that time it was referring to the Eastern dress culture, where one had a large pocket near their breast. God will bring increase to you and not through the con games going on in many of these churches.

Yes, I pay tithes but that’s it! Yes, I sow seeds but every seed I sow, I am trusting God for the return. Many keep falling for those deceptive lies and wondering why they are broke!

There is a true story about a well-known Bishop, who supposedly had a member escorted from the church because he exposed the financial deception that was going on that church through a book he wrote.

There is a church in Cahokia, IL and twice a month, a revival is going on. The membership is about 80 people, many broke and yet they are no deceived they think not giving outside of their tithes is a sin.

That stronghold is so strong, the pastors tell them, they are violating leadership if they don’t give. So strong, when they [clergy] is allowed to preach it’s a penalty, if you don’t support this church you can’t preach.

Tithing and offering in one sentence don’t go together. Yet, you can always seed, if you are led or want to but being forced by seducing spirits of demons? Nah that’s not God! Can you imagine, thinking if you don’t tithe and give an offering, God will not bless you since you have robbed God?

Can you imagine how many people are living in this fear every Sunday, because they live to please flesh in the Church? Yes, the church needs money to effectively operate.

 But the church also needs to develop business plans within that community, which produces returns and adds capacity to that business, which looks like employment from within the church. This assignment on my life, pulls at me daily, to speak out against injustice in every place and even when I want to take a rest and chill, God will pull me right back in.

I work solely for the Lord Jesus the Christ, serving His people as He leads. However, my time is up, and I thank you for reading my article.

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