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The warm balmy days are here, and we all know summer is right down the pipeline. And with warmer temperatures, and a caution to the wind. People are destined to get out to be entertained.

Every since the pandemic, people wants to find ways to enjoy the summer months in peace. Most people are still wearing their mask, and some have repudiated theirs’ for fresh air.

Exotic entertainment is one industry that has been making a huge comeback. As a result of last year’s seasons slowly rebounding from the lock down.

Equally important, exotic entertainment, also called Strip dancing amongst female dancers, has said to be a past time for some.

But there are still some who are very reluctant to have sweaty bodily fluids all up in their peripheral view. Nonetheless, I got the opportunity to speak with popular dancer Eric Samson Davis, better known as Mr. Extravagant.

Mr. Extravagant talks about the idiosyncrasies of being a social media hot boy, whilst just surviving being in the industry. In addition, he leaves the readers with his many photos, and if you want to book him, there is a link for that as well.

Hey man it is great to chat with you today. How are you living?

Samson: I am living good man, thanks for getting my story out. I really should say, our story out. I am speaking for all dancers, strippers all over the country.

How old are you?

Samson: I am 34.

I know you have a lot of shows and bookings, but where do you like to go the most?

Samson: My favorite city is New Orleans, LA.

How long have you been dancing?

Samson: I am going to say 4 years.And yes the pandemic slowed things down a bit. But we have a lot of loyalty within my team, so the fans have stood by us through it all. We even offered shows online on a private level. All and all, we have gotten by.

Moreover, I don’t want to take up much of your time, so we will get to your photos and we will leave the readers with contact info and your next event.

Samson: Thanks for the interview and I hope to come to your town soon.


What is the origin of exotic dancer?

Exotic Dance and Striptease in the 1950s in the United States. From the late 19th century to the 1950s, the term “exotic dance” designated dances from other cultures that were different from ballet. These were the dances of colonized peoples thought to be primitive, wild, or barbaric (Décoret-Ahiha 2002, 2004a, 2006). Google.

Who are some influential African American figures in dance?

African Americans Who Changed History through Dance

  • Pearl Primus. One of the most well-known dancers of all time is Josephine Baker, also known as the “Black Pearl”, the “Bronze Venus”, and the “Creole Goddess”. …
  • Josephine Baker. …
  • Katherine Dunham. …
  • Buddy Bradley. (Google)

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