I Shower ‘N Truth…

A Holy spray I say… from the Divine Source …wet soothing molecules of warm water to wash gently and softly my earthly vessel as it cleanses, and harmoniously healed the wounds embodied in all parts of my soul and my body cells…
Spirit of Truth showering me in generosity of my heart, desires of good will, radical forgiveness, Upper-standing, an inner standing of self-acceptance with an enlightened interpretation of my life experiences.
Hallelujah is what I say…

I Shower N Truth, ASE ASE is what I now say!
I AM Showered with Joy !
I AM Showered with Plentitude leaving me with a glad heart of Gratitude
I AM Showering in particles of peace that surpasses all Upper-standing
I AM Showering in the sweetness of Serenity to relieve all of my mind’s thoughts of insanity and any other of life calamities
Blissfully wholeheartedly I surrender the vastness of the unknown answers to be baptized and homogenized for my highest good..
 Hallelujah, Hallelujah is what I say !
Showered In Pure Agape Love above and below , I trust the flow to take me where God’s light penetrates worries, doubts and fears into the soil of Mother Earth

Showered in Faith ,through trust I am victorious over many toils and snares. Glorious and praise to thy holy name, I will never be the same…
Showered in lesson learned at my core. Life Wisdom will not allow me to go down this path anymore   nor like Alice in wonderland down the rabbit hole!!

Never Broken, no need to be fixed, changed, or detained, because I AM healed in the Master’s Name… In the Master’s name… ASE, ASE! Halleluiah!

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