Black is YOU!

Black are WE!

Stand on your feet,

Clap Your hands

Celebrating our Blackness

bringing Light to darkness all over the Land…

Say! Say!


Welcome to a glorious day

With my eyes I see your Black

With my Soul I feel your Black

With my heart

I know you are BLACK!

With my ears, I hear your words that voice

your Blackness…

With your tongue

Say it Loud You’re Black and Proud!

My Black loves your Black…

My Black loves my Black…

My Black says let your Black talk Black

My Black says be seen in a crowd, you don’t have to talk loud

My black no longer goes through the back door

My Black knows Black lives Matter

Like Ida B. Wells stood for long time ago…

Let them all stare,

we don’t care

Cause I know where my Black comes from

Melanin in my skin comes from the dark soil of Mother earth

 Ignited by the hot flowing rays of the sun!

My Black says wear your hair in twists or a bushy wild Afro…

Child, just let your hair grow long, finding your style even wild…

Even braids or Angular cut with a pard on the side.

pards all over showing artistry of your creativity…

Purple, red and even green hair,

nails to express authenticity and creativity

no fitting in the norms of what societal says

who I should be

Being dehumanized and marginalized is no longer allowed

I take my power in full control

Those days are days of old

By God’s Grace, my truth is base in my ancestry…

my Black has an inner voice

Blackness Gives permission

To put your hands on your hips

red sparks on your luscious lips

Put an ankh around your neck

Show them other folks your lifestyle is based on African principles

Truth now told, Seven of them as a matter of fact

Written over 10,000 years ago by The Greatest of Great, Hermes the Egyptian Sage Philosopher!

My ancestors are guiding me

I quickly bounce back from all life’s calamities

My Black says to me for they are the springboard to higher level of being and living in an external environment of scarcity, suffering, separateness,

 doom, gloom and despair…

No sleep walking through my Black Life,

 Grandma taught me how to pray

On your knees sometimes child you must be

Asking for the answers and which  person place or thing to let go or keep!

Do a deep belly laugh, then stand on your foundation of faith …

Feel the Bliss in your soul,

Contentment, Joyfulness, clarity

As you smile from the inside out…

Mama said, there would be days like this

Unbridled, unefforted Joy like a newborn child

My Black holds reverence for the Holy Spirit like the Kundalini energy wiggling and wobbling from the base of my spine…it’s time brave Bodacious Black Being

 Wear your crown, Kings and Queens 

Come over here


The Blacker the Berry the sweeter the Juice

Black is you!

Black is me!

Black are we!

 MY, Oh MY!

Featured Image by:
Jovaughn Stephens/Unsplash

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