Life is funny sometimes with its many twists and turns.

Life deals some days as sweet as the taste of honey on the tip of your tongue.

Then Life decides as if through no desire of your own, NO!

Today will be a shit day for you!

Courtesy of the Soulful Poet

Moreover, life will dump stinking loads of shit on you to see exactly what you are made of.

However, you keep on going and striving for the highest good.

You allow yourself to smile and laugh right in the face of this shitty adversity.

How dare Life be so cruel and treat you this way!

You bow your head to your heart and utter a soulful prayer to the Source of the Universe, who always always has your back.

It replies in the quietude of your soul, your sanctuary,

“Hey Girlfriend, this is earth school, where you keep on learning and loving, even on shitty days.”

How else will you know what you are made of love?

Shitty days give you the fortitude to enjoy life for what it is truly meant to be; to love, to serve, to be the best spiritual being you can be in all circumstances.”

Now, you have your eyes wide open, and the internal essence of your soul leads the way—pay attention.

Now, it has been made truly clear, these shitty days were just the Creator’s way to give you the fertilizer that you need to grow, to be transformed, transmuted and to transcend to a higher plane of living.


Before you find fault in your brothers and sisters,

Look within yourself.

Before you point a finger to accuse, to blame, or pass on generational shame,

Look within yourself.

Before you become self-righteous (because you think you have all the answers, you are never wrong, yet you swear, taking the Lord’s name in vain),

Look within yourself.

Before you set yourself up to be judge and jury,

Look within yourself.

Before you call your sisters and brothers dumb, stupid, a worthless piece of shit, a nigger, a coon, a bitch, the devil, or muther fucka,

Look within yourself.

Just look within yourself and you will know yourself.

What you see around you reflects what’s within you.

If you look within and know yourself for who you really are, a loving and compassionate being, light, and shadow, you will see that you are one within and without. 

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