Accept Life as Life As it flows through me..

As Breath

As Joy

As Pain

As Fear

Living Life on my knees praying, cause Baby Gurl ,there ain’t no guarantee..

 Accept Life as it unfolds..

As anxiety

As peace

As love

As right

As wrong

Living Life meditating and following the Divine guidance, knowing it’s what I make it, so I better not fake it..

Accept life as it unfolds..

As Highs

As Lows

As Struggles

As Defeats

As Success

As Failure

Living Life in each moment cause tomorrow is not promised! Today it’s all I am given..

Accept life as it unfolds…

As calmness

As serenity

As an illusion

As a dream

As a miracle

Living Life cause It’s mostly likely one and I am done with this Human incarnation this time around…

 Accept Life as it unfolds…

As Ups

As Downs

As Sometimes creepy

As Sometimes horrible

Living Life is knowing it’s not always Golden cause in this Matrix sometimes you don’t know where you’re going..

Accept Life as it unfolds…

As Blissful

As Authentic

As Peaceful

As Positive

Living Life cause my thoughts create my reality and in my hands lies my destiny…

Accept Life as it unfolds…

As Sometimes negative

As Cold

As Kind

As Adventurous

As a Journey

Living Life in full expression is a continuous unfolding of new perspectives..

 Accept Life as it unfolds..

As messy

As shitty

As mysterious

As mystical

As heavy

As heavenly

Living Life unapologetically from the guidance given by The Big G and not for worldly acclaim or adoration…

Accept Life as it unfolds…

As Gratifying

As Gracious

As Shitty

As Humorous

As Groovy

As Challenging

Living life from the TRUTHS that are felt in my gut, my heart and all of my energy centers..

Accept life as it unfolds..

As sorrow

As aches

As shame

As impossible at times

Every single thing that is happening in my Life is in an infinite ocean of Love. Waves of curiosity, and uncertainty are transmuted by molecular structure of Divine synergies as they kiss the shoreline of my Soul. My Inner essence allowed me to behold the Authenticity of my own sacredness imparted in me on the moment the sperm United with the egg.. I became a living embryo in my Mother womb. I don’t have the time anymore not to express the totality of who I am .. I am Light! I am Love! I am Oneness!! I AM a Living. And Loving SOUL!

And so, It Is! Ashe! Ashe!

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