The Narrative Matters

Plateaus are the bane of everyone who starts a diet and exercise regimen. Contrary to popular belief, however, plateaus are not the big, bad wolf of health and fitness. In fact, they are actually cues for us to follow along the way. Read today’s article to find out what plateaus are and how to properly respond to them.
Community empowerment and education is critical to changing social norms related to violence. Cure Violence Global, the City of Macon, GA and Mercer University are partnering to hold a forum (featuring a diverse panel) to discuss violence prevention efforts in Macon, GA. The panel will include Dr. Fredrick Echols, CEO of Cure Violence Global, and representatives from the judicial system, religious organizations, and community-based organizations.”
Human beings are notorious for being dishonest with themselves. We have a tendency to alter the past in a light most favorable to us and to convince ourselves that it is alright to do the wrong thing. That is especially true when it comes to convincing ourselves to abandon our health and fitness goals. If you want to finally succeed, read today’s article to learn how to be honest with yourself.
When you start a health and fitness plan, you usually have an image of yourself in mind when you reach your diet and exercise goals. Unfortunately, we tend to give up long before we see the vision become a reality because we do not see the results as quickly as we would like. Read today’s article for encouragement to patiently stick with your diet and exercise regimen.
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