More passionate prose from our Soul-Full Poet.

it your butt Down Sit where Movement becomes Stillness Sitting where Sounds becomes SilenceSeated, becoming One with TheeI sit for me with me celebrating calmness and inner serenity.

SYBD Sit your Butt DownSit where I allowSeated, so I notice Sitting I now know my self more deeplySeated in Thee, I flow adhering to the wisdom you bestowed upon me.

SYBD Sit your Butt Down Sitting to align Seated, I observe the thoughts that go flowing by, in the synchronized synergies of my brain, like billowing soft white clouds in a clear blue sky.

SYBD Sit your Butt Down Sit to listen..Sitting to create a sweet inner spaceBe in the presence showered by power of God’s amazing Grace. Seated my child you have no desire to participate in drama, emotionally unavailable humans, and those that say you are the “Devil” cause you wear dangling golden earrings shaped like an ankh, boldred nail that brightly colored red Hair and lips sizzling red like a hot flame.

SYBD Sit your Butt Down Sit to be Twix, Twan, and Tween Sitting you get to breathe inhale, exhale with the rise and fall of your chest..Seated, in that tween connection graciously grounds me in the nowness of the momentI dwell in the LIGHT, that overshadows and kisses all the Darkness away.. my soul is Happy and all is well.

SYBD Sit your butt Down Sit, Sitting and Seated I choose to honor those things that make me unquestionably uniquely undeniably Me!!Sit to embody your sensualitySitting outpouring vibrations of sexuality Seated there is no neutrality, cause you claim your right to unapologetically embrace all of what the Divine created you to be.

A sexual being filled with passion and Spirituality And all is Well..when You sit your butt Down… Down ..Down

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