Lovingly, Gently & Graciously
I let go!
Let Go
I say…
Cause I have no control over what you do or say
I let go
Let Go
I say
Cause tomorrow are not promised so I must live in the moments of this day
being the recipient of each individualized breath given to be A- LIVE in this
span of time
I let Go!
Let Go
I say…
Cause my difficulties and challenges are but stepping stones to changing my
perspective, enhance my response and heightened resilience to all of life’s
up and down on this merry go round
Round and Round I go .. Adhering Lovingly, Gently and Graciously to Divine
I Let go
Let go
I say
Cause scarcity, lack and not enough Ness ,
Play games with my mine that there is not enough to go around for all
I Let go
Let go
I say

Cause these games in this Matrix , have domesticated me .. intoxicated my
soul and put out the fire in my spirit!!Hey !
Lovingly, Gently & Graciously I shift to-a new paradigm
I Let go!
Let go
I say
Cause ancestoral patterns of cursing, drinking
telling others it’s your way or allow the door to hit you on your way out..
Hmmm, how cruel as unkind words flow out of your mouth…
Lovingly, gently graciously and now Willingly
I let go, embracing and embodying
Sense of Joy
Sense of Surrender
Sense of ease
Sense of pleasure and Playfulness
With the heart of a child at my Divine CORE
I AM free to fly
An Authentic expression
Love, and Light who is an opulent, Jubilant Beloved Being embraces and
loves The Totality of me !
ASE ASE!!!!!

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