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St. Louis is currently going through a phase where we are not in a hurry to get involved in situations that could potentially cause more harm than good. Mayor Tishaura Jones is highly respected while doing an excellent job promoting inclusivity and accountability.

However, we should exercise patience and empathy towards her duties and decisions. Moreover, remember since being elected she did not walk into a country club, but rather a messy pool of despair.

In addition, it is also important to note that she was not responsible for the crumbling Millenium Hotel on the famed riverfront, nor the debacles at the old Railway Exchange. Despite this, some seem to believe it is her fault. Before hurling accusations, it’s important to do your research.

Furthermore, the crime is what it is, a community, St. Louis Metropolitan Police and City Hall’s collaborative effort. Yet you can’t tell that to St. Charles, Chesterfield, Clayton, or Wildwood’s residents. For one, they are aggrandizing what is successful in their communities and could care less about St. Louis.

Truly, according to one post I read on Twitter, locals criticize the famed Annie Malone’s Parade downtown. Due to the fear of the activities the crowd will facilitate and the chaos left behind.

Besides, I do get it, you want to live in an area where you feel safe. And not having to worry about someone trying to break into your home, take your vehicle, or cause you harm.

Sports is King:

The St. Louis City S.C., The Battlehawks and the stately Busch Stadium are all getting a lot of buzz. I want to share a post from a group I follow on social media, regarding Busch Stadium.

Ballpark Chasers-Facebook

This single post elicited a wide range of reactions, with expressions of love and hate. It also served as a source of encouragement and drive for the city to take control of its affairs. Additionally, it sparked a massive response, including numerous comments, likes, and shares.

Dream Baseball Tours Bracket Sponsored Facebook post:

Congratulations to Busch Stadium, the winner of the 2024 Dream Baseball Tours Bracket Challenge for best MLB Stadium!
– This was all done via voting on each matchup
– We received nearly 146,000 votes over the past month!
– This was the first time that Busch Stadium made it out of the second round!
– Seeding was chosen this year via 2023 total attendance, not by any ranking of stadiums. Since we do this every year we try to create different matchups because… it’s just for fun!
– Thanks for participating, voting, commenting, and having passion for your favorite teams/stadiums. We’d love to have your love for baseball join us on one of our trips. Check them out! 

Ballpark Chasers is a private group with over 18.5 thousand members. When coming to St. Louis, their main concerns were parking, safety, lodging, restaurants, and things to do after the game.

Remarkably, I have had several fans who arrived in the city to see their teams, or to visit St. Louis and root for the Cardinals. And they thanked me for my advice and recommendations while they were in town.


When parking, my best advice is to leave your car at home, or the hotel. If you are far from the sporting event, take the Metro Link, it is close to all our Sports facilities.

If you have an expensive cell phone, please use it with caution, do not be walking around downtown and not paying attention. Thieves love it when you are caught off guard.

Do not, I repeat, do not give panhandlers or unhoused (so they say) people money or cigarettes. They will take advantage of that kindness. It is best to say hello and walk away.

Do not sit in your car late after 2 am, especially if you are a tourist. Criminals like to creep at night and catch you slipping.

There have been issues with speeding cars, so be wary of your surroundings. Do not be talking on your phone while walking in traffic. And please don’t assume a speeding driver will look after you cause you are of a certain personality, they will hit you and leave.

Sadly, most speeding drivers are intoxicated, running from trouble, and do not own the vehicle. So, be careful when jaywalking and abiding by the traffic signals.

If someone with a handgun or weapon comes up to you, it’s best to give them what they want. Your safety and well-being are more valuable than to resist a reckless thief.

Moreover, always walk in groups, use a rideshare to get around downtown, and know your destinations using Google search.

  1. Do not go outside of St. Louis’ popular hot spots
  2. Do not get involved with drug trades
  3. Leave panhandlers alone
  4. Use the Internet, do not stop and ask strange people for directions
  5. Go to the police if you feel like something just isn’t right
  6. Never leave a club or event intoxicated by yourself.
  7. Females need to be aware of their itinerary and never engage with strangers
  8. No sitting in cars and driving around “Looking for trouble,” late at night downtown

Targets for crimes: Females who are non-black, gay (flamboyant) white males, elderly people, and drug-dependent middle classes, who are not paying attention.

In summary, this editorial serves as a call to action to express gratitude for our city and to build a stronger connection with the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department. Let us work together to enhance and revitalize our downtown area.

About St. Louis:

Located on the banks of the Mississippi River in Missouri, St. Louis is a prominent urban center. Its most recognizable landmark is the impressive 630-foot Gateway Arch, constructed in the 1960s to commemorate the historic expeditions of Lewis and Clark and the expansion of the United States to the west. Visitors can ride on replica paddle wheelers along the river and witness breathtaking views of the Arch.

Metro population: 2,809,299 (US: 21st)

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