It is now that time to pack your bags, get your list of families and head on out this summer. It is Family Reunion season, so make sure you are prepared for whatever comes.

Our old foe Covid-19 is still lingering around and looking for friends. In addition people think just because they have shots and boosters they are at full immunity.

But with cases rising all over the States, it is just best to social distance, wear mask and stay home if you get sick. However, I don’t want to exacerbate a chance for anyone to meet Uncle Sue and her new Pitbull.

So, here is my list of the top 10 destinations you should consider when planning entertainment for a late reunion with the family. Sure there is crime all over the nation, because that is what happens in thriving cities.

So, please use precaution when visiting and stick close to your hotel if you are visiting from out of town. And of course the in town family members will make sure you are safe, from the areas that may be trouble.

  1. Washington D.C., yes the capital city is the first on my list. Due to so much culture for our people of color. I recommend highly taking the group to National Museum of African American History and Culture and Smithsonian American Art Museum, just for the starters. And for a quick bite try and just to name a few.
National Museum of African American History and Culture
1400 Constitution Ave., NW
Washington, DC

2. St Louis, MO, yes the Gateway City to the West is on this list. It is more than right. St Louis has so many free cultural activities for the whole family, so let’s get started. Let’s go far beyond The famous Gateway Arch.

For the kids and big kids at heart. You must go to the no. 1 Zoological Park in the nation, and guess what, this gem of the Midwest is free, free, free!

Also for the big kids at heart, The City Museum; but you must climb, walk and see. So have great eyes, knees and energy. This place is huge, and once was The International Shoe company.

Quick bites to eat before the big reunion the next day, Cathy’s Kitchen, for all your stomach soulful varieties and wonderful home feel. Crown Candy, City Foundry (for the stuffy family members) and Steve’s Hot Dog are all great quick bites in St Louis.

Now, if Uncle Sue and Charles want to party at a tavern, then I would suggest Al’s Lounge or maybe Top Shelf Bar & Grill just to put some soul in it. I might seem bias listing my home town, but what the heck we are just that good.

Courtesy of Top Shelf Bar & Grill

3. Cincinnati, Ohio, oh yeah, the Queen City. With its splashy riverfront stadium and culture on both sides of the river. I would suggest taking the family of sport’s fans to Great American Ball Park, the view is great. And even though the home team is struggling, it is worth the scene. For that good culture try the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center, the kids and grown ups will love it.

Like St Louis, Cincy is a foodie city with soul. The Black Taste starts tomorrow if you are heading to Ohio. And you can catch Janet Jackson at The Music Festival this weekend as well in Cincy.

National Underground Railroad Freedom Center in Cincinnati

4. Kansas City, MO, yes good ole Kansas City. This city is in a world all by itself. So, St Louis is BBQ Queen, but K.C. has its own identity. So, if you are taking the reunion here, you won’t be disappointed. The Country Club Plaza is the place to take bougie Hellena to shop and get her flash on.

And if you are looking for soulful eateries, this city has plenty. You can find Mac n Go on Yelps; District fish & pasta house as well Ain’t Yo Momma Kitchen. So, get to KC and find out what is cracking for the family.

Kansas City, MO Country Club Plaza

5. Last but not least we have Chicago, Illinois, big, bad and broad shoulders. As I spoke of earlier, crime is everywhere. However, don’t allow the media to sway you from the boldness of Chicago’s architecture gems and attractions. I would be here all day if I listed everything that this brash of a metro has to offer.

You can start downtown, but which part of downtown? You can fit Kansas City and St Louis almost in the downtown Chicago area. It is just that big.

So, for the family that like the water, I would suggest a few yacht rides along Lake Michigan, with Anita Dee. The Navy Pier is wide open as well for dinner and sight seeing. And for those sightseers in the family you can book a tour with Breeze Helicopters.

Moreover, I want you to be safe, at whatever destination that you pick. Or maybe use for next year. That is my time enjoy, live, love family.

Chicago Navy Pier

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