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Felecia Krystal Kleer, the estranged wife of Bone Thugs N Harmony member Layzie Bone. She discusses disrespect in her marriage, and what is up with her music.

When it comes to making hits in the music industry and having a soulful voice, There is none greater than Felecia Krystal Kleer. The estranged wife of Bone Thugs N Harmony member, Layzie Bone is coming back in full force. The world remembers her for her musical hits “It’s All Good” feat Krayzie Bone and The Mo Thugs hit “Ghetto Cowboy.”

Felecia has decided to open up about the disrespect from Layzie Bone in their marriage. “The breaking point started when I found out he was a liar and a cheater. I’m very loyal. He also wouldn’t stop drinking and I was just tired of it all because neither I nor the kids could grow.

We would always take one step forward and then a million steps backward. The whole storyline of Growing up Hip Hop is fake. It shocked me because he is still married to me but with someone else on the show. The separation started in 2019. Layzie Bone has cheated on me numerous times and has gone on to have two other children outside of our marriage.

I don’t respect anyone, man or female who doesn’t look out for their family. I’m not stuck in that situation anymore. I moved on. But I am going to air it out.”Felecia is back in the studio working on music. she spoke on two songs that are bubbling. “Happy and Successful” My kids did that record and they asked me to jump on it. All five children are on there. It’s all about us getting to the good life. The next track “The Love You Left Behind” is a powerful song addressing everything I have been going through in my marriage.

My husband took me through hell but I’m still standing by the grace of God. The love you left behind is gonna be the one you need. Everything I’m saying in this record is real.” Felecia is not just stopping there with her music, She is showcasing her entrepreneurial talents with Sandra’s Beauty Supply.

“I named it after my mom who passed away in 2018. I wanted to bless her. She made me into who I am today. It’s a beauty supply, that’s black-owned. I want to make everyone beautiful. I’m just giving back.”

“We also have a body center and a spa with 28 machines that will sculpt you, and melt the fat. We have tattoo removers, yoni steaming, breast enhancements, and much more.”

Felecia stated “My greatest challenge is being an artist, a mother, and a wife and having a mate that really doesn’t support you. But my family has been my greatest accomplishment.”

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