I live a life designed by my heart not by other people, past experiences and external expectations

I articulate my desire to listen, communicate and connect
From my heart and my Soul

To me, they, them and all of humanity…

Tired of dumbing down my feelings and my truth

Time to allow the truth of who I am to express as me
Time to allow the Truth of who I am to feel all my emotions as I observe with detachment
Time to allow the Truth of who I AM to be in circles of people who honor and respect my Truth….

About the state of my mind, and kindness I extend
About my physical form that uniquely shows only my outside divine design
I honor my TRUTHS …
On the runway of my life

Allowing myself the experience of being me
I recognize the value of my truth
To tell the Truth be the truth too…

Honest and sincerely
Telling repeatedly undeniably truth from my heart and not my head
I Do solemnly swear to live my truths and nothing but the Truth.
cause I AM TRUTH created to be unique, flowing, and flying FREE…

I allow, accept, witness and hear your TRUTH too
Cause you like me only desire to be heard, undeniably understood so that our Togetherness is ordained by the Oneness who created us all to live in this human domain
Without stress, hate and distain for all of Humanity …

Trusting THE TRUTH to always Be REMEMBERED lies in our SOUL. Not in external hierarchy or Worldly bureaucracy

SEE! SEE ME! Know, Know me!  My truth is what you get from the inside out … Truth I be!

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