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TNM Travel Update for this summer.

Florida is usually one of the top destinations for travelers of every color every summer.  Whether it’s to party or enjoy the international flavor of Miami, to ride the rides and enjoy the magic of Disney or Universal in Orlando, or to enjoy the other beaches and great weather across the entire state.

But now with the war against “wokeism” waged by Governor Ron Desantis many are warning travelers or even suggesting travelers stay away from Florida because it’s anti black, anti gay, and anti trans, and even anti diversity laws that Desantis is passing through the Florida legislature.

The NAACP of Florida put out a travel advisory warning black travelers what is going on in Florida.  The advisory reads as follows:

“Florida is openly hostile toward African Americans, people of color and LGBTQ + individuals.  Before traveling to Florida, please understand that the state of Florida devalues and marginalizes the contributions of, and the challenges faced by African Americans and other communities of color.”

Getting into what Desantis has done that has angered activists in Florida.

Said quote, “Florida is where it goes to die”.

Blocked new AP African American  History courses from being taught in public schools in Florida.

Has spoken out against teaching Critical Race Theory in K-12 or in colleges and universities in Florida.

Travel is back to pre 2019 levels.

According to AAA on Memorial Day weekend, air travel is expected to be at levels as high as back to 2005.  This is when the travel industry made adjustments after 9-11 and folks finally felt 100% ready to fly again and the industry had adjusted to the security changes.

American Airlines and JetBlue have their alliance in the Northeast Corridor nixed by the Department of Justice, which may also mean that Jet Blue’s acquisition of Spirit Airlines could be next to get clipped.

Tips for getting through crowded airports this summer season

  1. Check in for your flight with your airline’s app or on your laptop prior to arrival at the airport.
  2. Unless you’re traveling for several nights, try to use only carry ons and personal item bags. 
  3. Checking a bag can slow you down at the airport by 30-45 minutes, so only check a bag when you absolutely have to.
  4. Sign up for TSA Precheck or Clear, these are programs that can speed you through security lines at domestic airports.  
  5. If you have TSA Precheck, make sure that it’s indicated on your boarding pass.  That information does not automatically flow through to your boarding pass, you will probably have to enter in your Known Traveler Number associated with your TSA Precheck account.
  6. Arrive at the airport 3 hours prior to takeoff for international flights.  International vacations tend to be longer, and you have to have your passport checked by airline personnel, and passengers tend to pack more baggage requiring dropping off a checked bag.  All of these things can slow down your time to the gate.  So arriving with enough time to get through bag drop, showing your passport, and get through security will be helpful.

Pay attention to the blogspace for a summer travel series, destinations that are girls trip friendly.

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