In the order of life, many individuals believe that parents are supposed to outlive their children, but how can a grieving parent overcome Triumphantly the loss of a precious child. I sat down for an interview with Angela D. Jackson, Author of ‘Broken For Purpose’ Yielding Vessel: Angela, will share with you how she was broken for purpose, and how her pain INSPIRED her to tell her story, with the hopes of helping other parents grieving parents.

Because the death of a child is like no other, and the pain never goes away.

But God blessed me with my second son, Jordan, and God returned to me the joy through motherhood that I had prayed for.

How did you come up with the name of the book, Broken for


Angela D. Jackson

The name came from a big bible study group at AT & T called Branches. After meeting in the big group for one year, a small group of women decided to break off and form our own group. We decided that we were not separated but we were broken for a purpose.

The small group would meet monthly and pray for each other, dance, and sing. I began to connect the dots to my own personal life. It came to me that all my trials, tribulations, and things that I had been through were purposeful.

I was broken in so many ways, in so many areas of my life, but through God, it was for Purpose. That is what inspired me to name this book and for me tell my story.

In your book, you talk about how God spoke to you about things, taught you lessons, prepared you for things, and how God led you to your healing, and serving Him even more. Can you tell us a little bit about that?

Maybe a specific lesson. Job – training was out of town. Husband – Remember, I asked God to send me out of town if this was NOT my husband and He sent me, but I ignored that and got married anyway, and after a rough 5 years, I was served divorce papers on my job. I was so humiliated. After all, I was a minister’s wife. I was not supposed to get a divorce. I needed to heal. I needed to minister to myself as I navigated through my difficult divorce. In addition, even though I did not feel like it, God showed me that I would be ministering to other people, specifically through dance. I’m going to read from my book to further answer this question: I am on page 8 – Everyone was asleep; the day was already prepared for and complete. I felt an awakening in my Spirit.

I repented, worshiped, read, and danced for seven months straight before I went forth to God, every morning at the 3:00 am watch.  The Spirit of the Lord gave me the unction to dance and led me to a song from Smokie Norful, “I Need You Now” came to mind. 

My experience of the song deepened each time I heard it.  My tears got stronger. I was in the middle of a great test, and it was GOD and me. HE met me at 3:00a.m., every morning teaching me, covering me, preparing me, and restoring me.  Every word of that song became real for me. (Close the book) Woo 3:00 a.m., in the morning was very early but He prepared me to minister to myself and to others. And now I want you to feel what that moment felt like for me.

There is a chapter in your book ‘Shattered Motherhood’, if it is not too emotional, can you tell us about that?

Throughout this motherhood journey, my surroundings were filled with beautiful, healthy babies, and I had produced a life-changing miracle that would forever change my way of thinking.  It expanded my prayer life.  And my first son, Alex, was born prematurely and needed emergency surgery, so he stayed in the NICU for 5 months.

I surrounded his NICU crib with scriptures posted all around him, I played music and prayers, and we all had a time where we took time to pray. My mom, and my sisters, we prayed constantly over Baby Alex – it was a 24-hour a day job, 911 prayer. I was tormented by Nurses and Doctors unbelief.

They would say this is it…… and my response would be… the Lord has the final say so. So, I thought motherhood was going to be joyful, it was also painful and the first time around, my motherhood journey was shattered, just like that vase. But God blessed me with my second son, Jordan, and God returned to me the joy through motherhood that I had prayed for.


Thank you for sharing your story of overcoming pain and brokenness, and how GOD restored you for HIS PURPOSE. In addition, how your book ‘Broken for Purpose’ Yielding Vessel, was born out of your journey.

“A rainbow baby is a baby who is born after a loss such as miscarriage, still birth, or death in infancy,” parenting coach, lactation consultant, and mom of two rainbow babies Leigh Anne O’Connor tells Romper. “They are called rainbow babies because they are a beam color and hope after a storm or dark time.”

The term “rainbow baby” alludes to the particular happiness and relief (among other emotions) that you feel giving birth to a baby after you’ve come through the emotional storm of losing one.


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