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I do like a great animation every now and then, but you won’t find me sitting on the sofa watching it all the time. However, I do love a great Greek Mythology flick. In addition to that, I could name all the Hercules’ movies, Amazonian’s movies and other mythological films that I’d enjoyed as a kid.

Moreover, streaming giant Netflix presented ‘Blood of Zeus’ back in 2020, and I don’t know how I missed that. Yet I caught it this year, preluding to them finally releasing the sequel in May, 2024.

And I must tell you, the gore, the battles, the gods, goddesses and mythical creatures were confounding. Never before have I seen an anime with so much to throw at you all at once.

Furthermore, it could give the live version of the classic ‘Clash of the Titans’, ‘Gods & Kings’, Jason and the Argonauts or even the many ‘Hercules’ classics, a run for their mortality, if you will.

After watching Season 1, which was released in 2020, I was excited to follow it up with the newly released Season 2, which was the finale. In conclusion, before I send you to the story line and critics’ reviews, I think there should be a Season 3.

Favorite characters: Heron, Zeus and Hermes.

The Story:

Chronicles the illegitimate son of Zeus, a young man tasked with saving heaven and earth despite the interference of a vengeful goddess and her monstrous forces.

Blood of Zeus Season 2 is an exciting and bloody exploration of hero Heron’s battle to save humanity that gives its empathetic villains a chance .

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Is Blood of Zeus worth watching?

If you’re not a super critic like everyone else on here and watch anime for the enjoyment then you will enjoy this. It’s fun, exciting, and has some pretty awesome characters. The animation isn’t bad and the storyline gets you involved, it is by no means a masterpiece but who cares it’s a netflix anime. enjoy it.

Not the most accurate take on Greek mythology but you’ll love it!

rummanrahman29 October 2020

The series starts off slowly but somehow manages to hook you up and makes you feel wanting to know what happens next. I’ll call this series a success just by this cause not a lot of shows or movies can hook you up from the very beginning.The series eventually gains it’s pace and starts getting better and the final episode is a BLAST!The best part about this show I’d say is there’s no unnecessary cliché moments in this,the story is always on point and is short.That’s what makes Blood of Zeus a perfect binge watch.

P.S. as the title says it’s not really mythologically accurate.The main protagonist Heron and his counterpart Seraphim and some other characters are made up.Its a different take on Greek mythology and Netflix actually admits it in the very beginning of its first episode.So,bottom line is if you ignore accuracy a little you are bound to love it!

Not sure how this is getting such high ratings, it’s very half-assed

reedvasya30 October 2020

It’s not the worst thing on Netflix, but it looks and feels very obviously low budget. I saw reviews say this was the best animation on netflix?? Hello? Avatar? The dragon prince? A million other things? The style is cool, but the animation looks more like a flipbook towards the end of the season (did they run out of money?). There’s not enough dialogue and voice-acting is just okay. The animation isn’t good enough to watch it attentively and the dialogue is lacking so you completely miss out on the story if you missed the key frames. I can’t comment on the story too much, because it didn’t hold my attention. Lots of pointless conflict and lack of adequate communication between characters.

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I want more!

reecek-5067216 May 2024

I am such a huge fan! The reasons I have such love for the show besides the obvious is finally we have a universe dedicated to the Greek gods done right! From true power showcases to beautiful scenes this show gets better and better.

Why we need more? There’s so many gods we only have started to see if we get more seasons we can finally get epic scenes from amazing gods done correctly! My personal favourites are hestia from season 2!

Overall this series is a 10/10 perfect fighting sequences characters with such good style! And good world building this is a universe you will want to get in on!

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A Gripping Take on Greek Mythology

elixirr30 October 2020

From the start, it has a very intriguing story line and it gets better and engaging as season progresses. Characters development is done right. Soundtrack is brilliant, action leaves no mercy and animation isn’t too shabby (Castlevania style).

Binged the whole thing in a night, an anime well done.

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Senior Editor, Digital Manager, Blogger, has been nominated for awards several times as Publisher and Author over the years. Has been with company for almost three years and is a current native St. Louisan.

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