The return of poetry and prose.

Filled with Holy vibrations…..

Gurl , I can say goodbye to all of my negative sensations

Thoughts of judgement often saturate the cells in my brain flood my heart with dread penetrating , stabbing me viscerally with feelings of shame …

Hush your mouth Gal ! Pray Tell!

Sometimes I even forget my own name..

YEMAJA YEMAJA say that again.. It took you over 30 years to be told by Angels to claim your real name!

They say judge not .. It seems sometimes I am my own worst violator..

 Disturbing my peace .. I lock myself in my own jail staring through invisible bars……

That hold on tight to old wounds and scars..

But the bars are real ! The Bars are real I say … they lock me away..!!You see it was just my power of imagination that imprisoned only me.

Hush your mouth Gal! This can’t end Well!

Pray Tell Pray Tell !

In prison, I could swear someone was there .. Why they even threw away the Key … leaving me mentally disturbed.. by hijacking my inner peace and fragile sanity.

Hush your Mouth Gal! Hush your mouth Gal! This can’t end Well! Pray Tell ! Pray Tell !

In the deep ! In the Deep Trenches of my inner subconsciousness….

Here she lies unbeknownst to only me

This sounds creepy but it was in my gut.. Saying Gal, it’s time to flow with this intention …

This is your ever present , always knowing ,always showing, always leading you through transmutation and higher configuration …

 Blissful vibration yanking, and yearning say look at me, feel me ,choose me..

For, I am the key that is hell bent on unlocking your cell  and setting you Free..

 At last! At last! Deep inside my belly I got a tingling and twinge ..

Hush your mouth Gal.. This is ending Well!!

Pray Tell ! Pray Tell!

All of this craziness is about to come to an end..

Choosing to release and let go of all the negative synergies that kept you drowning in a sea of unforgiveness and diabolically opposing winds of Change..

A Chooseloist That what I have chosen to be Choosing ..

Choosing to be free to be me..

I am free

Choosing  my own Spiritual Path ,I am aligned with The Big G.

Choosing to own my Voice..

 Graciously with humility allowing my desires to be known

 Speaking up …. being heard Authentically ..

Unapologetically and Wholeheartedly Heart NTune ,N Spirit. Energetically..

HUSH HUSH Your Mouth!! Cause GAL The Big G has all power, every moment in its presence you have your being. That Gal is where you abide and continuously Dwell.. All is well! ASE ASE!

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