Dear Dear
Let’s be clear
What is for you is not necessarily
The ISness that is in my view
Through my often clouded perception
There are many forms of compliance and deception
Labeling, unconscious biases and distorted points of view…
Put there by years and years through other people’s lens who thought they knew what was best for you
By products of musings and sometimes phenomenal unsolicited advice on which way to choose

Let’s Get Real
We are free to feel what We feel !

I accept what is
Let it be what it is
Cause it is what is
ISness guided by Allness allows the Onenesses of the Universe to brew me like tea in an elixir of clarity ,centeredness sweeten by feelings of trust ,patience and self-compassion…for me and you

Let’s Get Real!!
It is what it is
Sometimes it is not REAL!

I allow what is
Inside my heart
Knowing I am a unique and loving person
I AM that IAM
The Divine and I are not Apart

I am the ISness and Allness of THEE
Who sends angels to watch over me

Some of you are now using the Word Woke!
It makes me scream…

Shake You till you Awake to your own Divine Identity
Connected to me, we, and them
Who are all a part of Humanity …

Sadden by the many atrocities of cruelty and hardships of my fellow Brothers and Sisters
Dehumanization and Marginalization
Disguised wearing a smiling face while putting you in a dammed place and space
Oppressed in the staunch of lies that are hundreds of years old. OH OH!

Let’s get Real !

It’s time for us to feel
It is what it is

Real Indeed
No time to please, comply or obey
Must flow from our hearts with Grace and ease
Real Clear is the pathway to Unity
Love is the foundation of all
No regrets nor debt of Karma to pay
Day by day , breath by breath we mindfully adhere to the luminosity at our core
Look at clear water flowing stream in the valley of the everlasting life

Enlightened humans passionately left foot prints on the bottom for us to follow
Together we are many
We are One with the One
Cause there is Only One
One Power, One Presence
So we declare and Decree
This Loving Power shines it’s light on all humanity… so that we all can each with our own uniqueness fulfill our purpose
As conduits of Light, Love and Positivity!
No Compliance, but reliance on our inner peace and Serenity. It’s plain, It’s Clear It’s Simple! Reality is amidst all our choices and ideation if we remember to be an observer of all that is happening on this earthly plane 

Remain true to The Almighty 

Who makes it Clear and Oh so real!!

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