Much has been said in the media, barbershops, stylist shops, in prisons, and at the dinner tables. I mean almost everywhere, someone has an opinion about Caryn Johnson, some thinks she’s a bit overbearing, and should’ve been fired!

Joy Behar was fired for her calling someone a pervert. Now, according to the culture of the program, The View has a lot of freedom to discuss whatever and push the envelope but on this day, it wasn’t to be.

Let’s unpack this woman, known to the world as Whoopi Goldberg resume and see where her heart is and who she for many knows not, while some have conveniently forgotten. She has plenty of awards, over 148 films, 4 major awards, Emmy, Grammy, Tony and yes, the Oscar.

She is one of 16 entertainers to receive all four but the 1st black female to receive them all. She is the 1st black woman to receive the Mark Twain Prize for America Humor.

She has fought for LGBTQ rights and those affected by HIV. She participates in current events, women rights, same-sex marriage, racism and fair actor rights.

This is the same woman who also spoken at the United Nation as you can see. She has a lot of concerns in her cart and many of them have nothing to do with her personal life, just her community battles.

With that being said, let’s move on because the question remains “What do you think about Whoopi Goldberg suspension?”

Was her remark insensitive? Not sure, when you think about her involvement in some many other concerns, for the rights the voiceless one, I personally find it hard she is. What was her motive to offend the Jewish community?

 I can’t see that either. Who is Michael Eisner? Who, the CEO of Disney, who owns ABC. And what does this mean? Oh, we shall walk slowly to that door.

So, what about the major stockholders, who are they? Really? I thought you knew, Brent Woodford, George Bodenheimer and John Skipper are all Ashkenazi Jew, who by custom, speaks Yiddish which is a German language. I am about tie it in all in.

Protesters from various nationalities have had their moments of making their position known but seemingly not the Jewish community. Whenever there is any mention of Holocaust and it my opinion, you aren’t of those nationalities.

You are subject to retaliation because blacks want to sue everyone for using the N word, though its echoes daily in almost predominately black neighborhood. Here what I think the reason Whoopi is suspended now.

First and foremost, she had a certain presence about herself that immediately says, out loud ‘Not hungry, thirsty or desperate. So if come for me, make sure you come correct; redirecting the lost is not a problem for me’. 

She sits among a panel of people, who usually speak from their heart without facts and are really intimidate by her presence and strong will. What she said was true, it’s like light complexion families and dark complexion families fighting among each other and later the news says, “Another racist war took place in St. Louis, MO”.

It doesn’t make sense, because we are both from the same nationality. Though she was correct, she should’ve seen the signs and symbols, long before now.

ABC is own by Jewish businessmen and stockholders, but the main persons are as, I stated they are Jewish. They couldn’t afford fire her, but the person at ABC was given orders to suspend her effectively immediately.

The message in the back room was, in my opinion, “Oh she said that? She went to d – -n far. Who in the h- – l does she think she is”?

Why am I saying this, because the CEO of Disney is a control freak and domestic violence can be seen in more ways than physical and mentally.

She is suspended because the owners of ABC wanted to make an example out her and was telling her get back in your place.

They are of the Jewish faith as are many stake holders, so the consensus was to make a loud statement to her and the public.

NOTED! But I think it over for she may quit or even sue.

Thank you for reading my article and look forward to seeing you the next time.


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