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Since the pandemic has caused so many employees to switch to remote work, many people have become accustomed to making money from their computers. This has left many wondering whether they can write and sell their own content.

After all, what could be better than making $50,000 a year writing in your PJs all day? It’s not as simple as that, but making that much money as a writer is absolutely possible with the right mindset (and a few helpful tips).

  1. Choose a writing type

There are many ways to make money as a writer. You need to choose a skillset to hone so that you can start selling yourself as a master of a niche. This requires understanding that there are many kinds of writers, and you probably won’t be all of them at once.

Profitable areas of interest for writers include working as a copywriter for an ad agency, writing social media content for brands on sites like Instagram and Facebook, becoming a journalist for a news platform, writing for magazines, or doing all of the above as a freelancer.

  1. Choose a field of interest
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No matter which type of writer you decide to be, you’ll probably be working in a limited set of disciplines related to your experience, interests, and skills. Writing technical manuals is very different from writing company emails!

Health writing, business writing, advertisement copy, technical writing, journalistic writing, film reviews – these are all potentially profitable possibilities.

  1. Set the right expectations

The truth is that you probably won’t make $50,000 a year as a writer right away. It may be a side hustle for a long time as you gain experience. The important thing to remember is to focus on your field and try to get the best jobs for your experience level.

If you want to work for an agency, try to match your chosen discipline to your education and experience. Alternatively, you could become a freelancer on platforms like Upwork and Indeed where companies hire writers at set rates, even those with no experience.

The pay won’t be great for these jobs at first, but the important thing is to build a client base that will publish your commissions. These are valuable to you as the writing samples that you will use later to get better and better jobs on the platform in the future.

  1. Get comfortable with monetization
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No matter what you choose to write, you need to learn how to monetize it. A blog that serves as your writing profile, complete with samples of your writing, can help clients find you. Consider writing for Medium, a site that allows writers to monetize directly through the platform.

Teaching yourself SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a great way to attract the best clients with your work. The writing that earns $50,000 a year isn’t just good writing – it’s writing that search engines love to find, which makes the host site money through affiliations with their ads and other clients.

The Takeaway

It can seem daunting at first to try to turn a love of writing into a viable career. However, these tips are a starting point for you to figure out how to jumpstart your latest side hustle into the full-blown, work-at-home job of your dreams.

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