Women History Month.

Photo by Andrey Zvyagintsev

‘N love with me, N love with who I be… I be WOMAN.

By the power of The almighty Force that created the Cosmos, Humanity and every proton and atom of the Universe. I crown me Queen, graciously and humbly .. making my own HISTORY. Love Beauty whispered in my ear at my carnation.  you and all your SASSY SISTERS are Bold, and Brave, owning their feminine power audaciously and capaciously…

For I am WOMAN, You ‘R Woman Making your own History.

Independently and collectively opened hearted receptacles of Divine          Femininity…Holy Temples, vessels , radiating balance, harmony and Blissful authenticity.. Crowned and Adorned with the spirit of gentleness and generosity …

‘N LOVE. I BE WOMAN! Making my own history

Love Beauty’s magnificence whispers once more in my inner sphere… Listen, Listen to my soft divine voice feel the inklings humming away in your core… Girl you are creating YOUR story… To God be the Glory 

Daughters, There is no need to allow words that flow  from the external sphere to define you nor tell your story or who you should be.. Woman, you did not come on this earthly plane to ignore the purpose I placed in your Heart!

And just because you have heard. From those who felt they were the creators and keeper of your SOUL God took a rib from Adam’s side, so you must walk behind and not out front, nor beside.. Raise your arms in The air and now proclaim… I BE Woman, I am  alive ,awakened and aligned, creating my own History.

 Embrace your compassion, sensuality, sexuality coupled with earthmoving and lighting bolts of authenticity  cause you have nothing to hide!

I AM WOMAN ‘N Love with ME! Making my own History!

Cherish your ability to turn nothing into something…and having your frenemies whispering.  … “Who the Hell does she think she is?Who told her she can be that and do this and saying there is no box?” As Women we need nobody’s consent or permission to go outside the lines in this broken paradigm. For through your wombs, you birthed all of humanity.

I AM WOMAN ‘N LOVE with me making my own History…

YOU are Queen of your inner domain, Having pivoted out of fear, insecurities and playing all the worldly games…pulsating  and emanating  gentleness, knowing that spirit vibrates In the ethereal essence of your soul..

 Owning our  inner power to manifest and articulate word by word. Soaring spiraling and flying to heights of never before, With Divine magnificence your legacy is written in the pages of history…

I AM WOMAN ‘N love with me. Making my own History

Free. Free, no longer  placating and saying yes to mediocrity, nor muffle the flow of Divine energy that gives songs, singing them  in harmony until they permeate joy and bliss-fullness in your soul.

For we in totality as Women are  the embodiment of graciousness. Mercifulness and kindness of others standing on their tippy toes just so they can witness and participate in a dance of praise to glorify, personify and amplify the gift of being a Woman..

 Women like Maya the poet who taught us to rise, Ruth the Judge  who sat among men  and dared to fly. Ida and Angelina the activist along  with Joan of arc with her visions who lead troops to victory, Harriet Tubman, Sojourner Truth, Ella Baker and Phillis Wheatley  who thrived even with slavery, black codes  and yes Jim Crow .Hey wait a minute let’s explore Women who made a resounding r notes with their voices to uplift and inspire : Like Pattie LaBelle who told us we  could be “ on our own”, Aretha saying RE RE Re Respect. Just a Little Bit” and Chaka and Whitney  “I’M every Woman”! Yes, We are WOMEN and together in love we are!

Cast your eyes upon me …Arms extended. Heart open wide,warm. Love, and tenderness out picturing and outpouring from me…I melt the coldness of hearts, just by being what The BIG G desires and designs me to BE!Yet fierce, full of passion. I wholeheartedly and unapologetically continue to move Forward. Gathering, encircling Sister Queens around me. Supporting us all to Be Women…

I AM, YOU are, They all are, We all are WOMEN making our own history!

Senior Editor, Digital Manager, Blogger, has been nominated for awards several times as Publisher and Author over the years. Has been with company for almost three years and is a current native St. Louisan.

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