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More passion prose from the Soul-Full Poet.

My Soul is no longer THIRSTY for I have TAPPED into a Wellspring of The Divine LOVE. it’s GRACE and MERCY!!!  GUIDANCE, DISCERNMENT and CLARITY have paved my way.

 I no longer am deceived nor do I allow my carnal mind to be led by the distractions and uncertainties of nonsensical chatter, comments and lower self-thinking..

The intricacies of my heart open to a divine deeper upper Standing that were there all time awaiting my clarity from you Master…No need to demand and not forgive myself for taking so long to unlock the door to higher salvation.

‘Cause along this journey there have been many many lessons to learn which birthed the truth though straightforward revelations

Even Death has become the gateway or portal to higher elevation. Many beings of all races and ethnicity, young and old as well as Twix, Twain and in between, have crossed the moral threshold to leave the planet and return to their Maker.

But let’s not forget those of us who remain on this side of the veil. We have died too inside those inner spaces to rid ourselves of past dysfunctional patterns, non-forgiveness, and downright dangerous inner feelings of shame, depression, disturbing distress and a maze and layers of disparities among the races. I tell me, myself and I, that the bridge that leads to through and across can be unstable, long and Narrow way to the other side.

Sometimes, I just have to feel the feelings and sit down and cry, wiping tears to let go of that which I can’t control but I have allowed them burden down my SOUL.

As I ponder what’s to be next in my life, I remember,I don’t have to pass a litmus test…I pause, Be Be and Breathe. The simplicity of knowing that I know, feeling knowing in the core of my SOUL.

 I can crossover to Bringing who I now know intimately. The one who gave me this Brilliance and always evolving curiosity so that I can continue on my journey steadily and always ready to face not one but any and all types of adversity.

Remembering PERFECTION is an illusion and I am a human who continues to need divine direction, so That I can be What SPIRIT would have be be. Happy, Joyful and FREE!

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