Let’s face it – the information industry is undergoing big changes. Newspapers are under extreme pressure, and many of them are folding. The Internet is becoming the go-to place for daily news and educating oneself about what’s going on in the world.

At the same time, there’s a lot of confusion about where to get news on the Internet, and some significant growing pains as we catch up with the technology.

In that context, this company has emerged as a reliable information source for the African-American community as an established and prominent audience. This goes along with the greater trend of news media serving particular target audiences, and matching up with the audiences that have their cultural alignments. As a modern trend, this specialization preserves the feel of the print magazine industry, where subscriptions are often driven by a particular interest group.

Focusing on Black Athletes

For example, we have ongoing sports coverage, much of which shines a light on black athletes and the contributions of the African-American community to major leagues.

One prominent example is our Twelfth Man blog that provides ongoing coverage of the NFL throughout the football season.

Here you can find thoughtful and capable coverage of games, schedules and behind the scenes look at teams and players, and what they’re doing at any given time. It’s the same sort of in-depth, long form news that generic outlets give to the NFL as a whole, but the coverage is also specific to a particular audience of sports fans who like to be apprised of black athletes and their MVP status, team initiatives and more.

More Narrative

There’s also a wide variety of United States and world news and other kinds of information, because, as we say, the narrative matters. It also matters what the process is in creating the narrative, which is why we have a transparent team working around the clock to provide news for our audience.

In a way, this sort of curated news is an experimental approach to a new age of digital centralized content. But in a way it’s also very reliable, because in so many senses, we’re not reinventing the wheel – just developing and driving the narrative that will sustain our work in the years to come.

With that in mind, if you are part of this audience, keep us bookmarked, and tune in to find news that is of value to you. We want to keep telling the stories that matter to the African-American community and build up our reputation in a pretty new media space that represents what we think is likely to be very common in the years to come. People have a lot of choices now – they don’t have to just settle for a generic news source – and we are dedicated to serving our clientele in ways that are truly innovative.

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