OH ME, OH My … My Spiritual Face!




I AM THE FACE OF the Divine who has traveled through many spans of time…

Timeless, endless… and invisible too 

My face was my birthright before I dressed in this body of clay.

 In, as and thru me. my Face is luminous and sheer waves of vibrant energy …

No mask do I wear which only shows my eyes

No Zoom box or google corner view on the screen of my computer 

Nor Facebook nor Instagram or what’s app circle not even a clubhouse view

That duplicate and replicate the physicality of me.

 Hey, Y’all take a spiritual view, feel my vibration

of enthusiasm and positivity… 

View a smile, View a frown 

View a silly painted face acting, Like a clown 

View a grin from ear to ear, Here, Here!

Y’all there are…

Two faced

False face

Shame faced…

Guilty face to please someone ..

Oh ME! Oh MY, feel my Spiritual Face

Some folks have

Heart face

Happy face

Joyful face

And moon face too 

So, watch out for them 

let them reveal they are human

just like you

Then there are others who used

Pale Face

Red face

White Face

Yes, Black Face too!

 To dehumanize and marginalized those who too like them have a Spiritual Face …

Will they ever recognize that we all belong to the LOVE TRIBE?

 Beloved Beautiful Beings, I see you BOO!

Recognize you TOO!

Your Spiritual Face

A Mona Lisa smile 

Face of innocence 

Face of contentment 

Face of a mystic like Rev Dr. Howard Thurman who through contemplated intuitiveness 

Helped mold Rev Martin Luther King Jr to choose non-violence as the way to end segregation to avoid the use of guns and violence. So that all humanity could uncover, display and discover WE all are the face of the Divine… 


So, as you go to and fro

Look into the mirror each morning 

Welcoming Smile on your physical face as You usher in your Spiritual Face  

It reveals itself through

The windows of your soul!

 The Truth has been told…

 Now you see, not now you don’t, so explore your day without any doubt!

 OH Me, OH My, Behold My Spiritual Face…

Ase, Ase, Armeam, Amen and Amen

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