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The new NASA documentary, The Color of Space, celebrates the courage of seven black space explorers, who beat the odds to become part of NASA’s astronaut corps. They represent an example for others to follow as well as a testament to their own motivation, intelligence, and achievements.

The astronauts, some retired and others currently training for future missions, spoke about their goals, their inspirations, and their journeys in this new documentary. Here’s everything you need to know about this movie, which is available to stream on Hulu as well as for free on NASA’s YouTube channel.

Who is the film about?

The Color of Space is about seven black astronauts, including retired astronauts Bernard Harris, Robert Curbeam, Leland Melvin, and Bobby Satcher, as well as current astronauts Jeanette Epps, Victor Glover, and Stephanie Wilson.

The documentary consists of an interview presented by Venessa Wyche, the first black female director of NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas. This is intercut with video calls from some of the astronauts as well as footage and photos of their history at NASA.

How is the documentary presented?

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Wyche’s a panel discussion with the seven astronauts, together for the first time on stage, aims to reveal details about their personal journeys as well as their experiences in the NASA space program.

She asks them about the kind of person they imagined they would be, what inspired them to become astronauts, and what obstacles they faced not only as astronauts but as black aerospace engineers in a culture where that alone goes against the grain of expectations.

Later in the documentary, a few audience members had the chance to ask the astronauts questions in a private room, where we get a glimpse of an even more personal take on the astronauts’ experiences.

Finally, the audience had the chance to ask questions of the panel in the main auditorium. These reveal insightful details about the astronauts’ past, such as Leland Melvin’s experiences overcoming temporary deafness after an accident.

Where can I watch the documentary?

The Color of Space is available with a subscription on Hulu, as well as for free on NASA’s YouTube channel, where anyone can see it.

Why is the documentary important?

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It’s important for everyone to go watch this 50-minute documentary because it reveals so much personal insight into the lives of astronauts whose stories have remained mostly untold until now. In that way, the documentary has the ability to inspire anyone to pursue the limits of their potential, using their skills and their minds to change the world for the better.

The film may last less than an hour, but its potential effect on the future of our space travelers, leaders, and dreamers is infinite.

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