A cute preschool-age African American boy sits on his dad's lap at the table and uses colored pencils to draw in a coloring book.

Enjoy this Father’s Day poetry.

Father knows and shows he is the kind of man who does the right thing even if others put him down …
calls him unspeakable Names as they dispense shame to make themselves feel high and mighty …

There is no denying !!
Father knows and shows his foundation is laid and steeped in purity of Spirit but risk taking, assisting others to help them spread their wings is worth it , cause they all are his Sisters and Brothers…

There is no denying!
Father knows and shows there are many times his acts of love go unnoticed but because his mind is clear and heart based in generosity, he expects nothing in Return…

There is no denying !
Father knows and shows by giving a hug , a pat on your back as words of encouragement and support flow
Lovingly from his mouth…

There is no denying !
Father knows and shows kindness and compassion from his beating heart
paving the way for Doors to open wide
smiling faces saying come on in my Brother You will not be denied …

There is no denying !
Father knows and shows his strength, Mindset, optimistic attitude ,
His humaneness ,and feeling his feelings is not a sign of weakness, but a Gift that softly shows his own ability to not adhere to the worlds perception of a man …keeping all his feelings bottled up fostering normalization of codependency and dysfunction being cold, distance or using the silent treatment to keep other from knowing his vulnerabilities ..

There is no denying !
Father knows and shows each member of his family he is their protector., Provider as he embraces patience and understanding for their individuality..

There is no denying !
Father knows and shows it’s okay for him to sometimes wake up at midnight, walking the floor praying for the highest good no matter what is happening in his family circle ..
He visions for them gentle guidance from Source so they will learn the lesson from what appears to be another catastrophe and a tragedy…

There is no denying !
Father knows and shows that sometime his Spirit and his soul would break if he does not adhere and allow the tears to roll down his cheeks … It’s no disgrace to weep to release…

There is no denying !
Father knows and shows even though all of his adventures with adversity, he is never alone but love by Source and appreciated by his family..
Being a Man can often time be cumbersome , weighing him down internally
So he lets go , laughs out loud, dancing like James Brown or Fred Astaire to his favorite tune ..
With love for his self , his family and the love of his love life in his arms, he says who cares …what the neighbors might think or say
It’s time for us to play, cause God knows our days are numbered.. We will not let nothing take us under
Father tells all his children every day how proud he is of them and it’s an honor that I have been blessed to be your earthly Father..
 Man oh Man have I learned lessons from and through you..
So when he puts his head upon the pillow at night , with a grateful heart you can hear him utter..
Almighty thanks for another day, keeping my family safe and sound cause I have my feet on solid ground and by Faith .. this day I AM a Father, no denying I’m Flying !

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