Poetry Corner: I REFUSE & She

She was me and I was she!

Poetry to get you through the day.

I REFUSE to be lessened by external and internal blockades that impedes my Highest Good , that no longer serve my being Bold, Brave, and expressing The Big G, graciously as a vessel, as an instrument, and as LOVE, LIGHT, and Positivity.

I REFUSE to cling and form attachments to my own understanding!

I REFUSE to trust my old, outdated beliefs ,my way of reacting, my thoughts of fear, old rhetoric passed down from generation to generation!

I REFUSE to be labeled by the color of my skin, economic stances, and by the texture of my hair!

 I REFUSE to abide by and follow the principles and practices of the programming of Systems design to have power over my being all that The Big G would have me be….

 I REFUSE to be in places and spaces with those who spurt from their mouth hatred and blasphemous conversations…..

I REFUSE to allow you to be the custodian of my self-esteem , the bearer and giver of my inner peaceful sensations!

 I REFUSE to say Yes to all your whims and your desires to allow your Egotistical attitude to be fed like a hungry Tiger on the prowl…..

I REFUSE to stop undergoing continuous Divine healing and blissful essence of ethereal changes !

I REFUSE to standby and not be a BRIDGE that when crossed step by step shows the way towards the ascension and encouragement for others to follow to Infinite possibilities and Oneness with Love Beauty

I REFUSE to be marginalized as unimportant, and too small for any significant consideration !

I REFUSE to listen to you proselytize and hypnotized as you dehumanize any of THE BIG G Masterpieces spread out in all of world and in Our Soulful Nation!

Yes! Yes, I REFUSE and hereby REFUTE all this Maya , all this rhetoric  which you have said…. It was just a dream so that all Souls could see we are meant to be and Created intrinsically to be a part Of The HOLY Shift that is now under way!

And so, it is! Amen Amen…..


My mind was inspired today

By someone God sent my way.

She wore a beaming smile

I could tell her heart was filled with love.

As she began to talk and explain

I felt “Wow!”

This feels good

To be in the presence

Of positive thinking again.

As I began to share my hopes and ideas

Even my dreams

I felt completely at ease.

I knew when the conversation ended

She was someone

I would come to know and love her.

At last, I was able to call her my friend

She was me and I was she!

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