Many different people have use the above statement at many different times in history and made it applicable to many different situations. Living in America as an African American woman has often been painful because of the prejudice, discrimination and cultural biases.

My heart often weeps and feels deeply the pains of being who I am and what the creator desires for me to be at every stage of life. Many Americans including myself have used many “isms” to mask, repress or completely hide our DIVINE inner essence. 

I have masked my own pain with shame, guilt and remorse. So, what did I do? The cure that I have used many times over the years has been the geographical FIX! Where ever I go, there I am.

 I was born and raised in Charlotte County VA, I could not wait to leave thinking it would solve my problems. It did not! I encounter humans who were still racist, and judgmental. 

Over the years, I relocated to many different cities in America and the one thread that is woven in the fabric of all these cities was racism and prejudice. It makes my heart bleed.

The separation in humanity disturbs me immensely. We talk a good game, but in the end, still after over 300 years, deeply embedded in our Society are racism and discrimination. Where ever I go, there I am.

 Recently I had the great privilege of visiting, Paris France. The trip was exciting, transformative and freeing. Like many other noted African American, such as Josephine Baker, James Baldwin and others, who moved to Paris because of the way they were love and accepted by the French People. I feel l I have been given a gift which will allow me to inspire other to unite in ONENESS cause where ever I go there WE are….

 We walked down Blvd Orndinare, and the merchants come out from their meat shops, their pastry shops, and other as well. Greeting us with “BonJuor Madame”.

They were not trying to sell you anything… just friendly. The Parisians sit for hours at outside café, drinking coffee, wine or just conversing having their meal. Always politely greeting you with impeccable service and smiling.

There were many different races strolling the streets and honoring each other though smiles, compliments and gestures of visible acceptance. “There we are”

Her gaiety was infectious and I was tempted to join her. One of the merchants who ran a fruit markets and small store in the neighborhood sold the best watermelon that I have ever tasted.  would he cut in half? Without hesitations accommodated us…no question asked. Where ever I go there “we are’’.

In the Circle of ponce, in front of the very large enclosed cars Ferris wheels, was a drive in style movie screen. What was playing on that screen impressed and impacted my consciousness.  The only word on the screen in bold letters was “HUMAN”! Beneath that word, flashed pictures of every race, every gender, every nationality, from the young to the old.

 Yes, we saw the ‘’ Mona Lisa” at the Louvre, the Eiffel Tower, the Arc of treon, the Cathedral of Nota Dame and strolled down the Chantilly Zaye.  They all were absolutely amazing. However, when viewed from a very spiritual perspective, it was the French people that captured my Heart.  Now I know for sure that my wherever I go there I am, has truly become no matter where I go there “We “are! No matter the color of our skin, no matter the language, and no matter the gender, “WE” are all created by Creator. So I am Positively Inspired today by the French people to see the FACE OF GOD in all Humanity, and to love and accept you as you are.  How about you?

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