It was a nice sunny breezy day on April 14th, 2024, with white and blue tents standing. The mighty Mississippi River was the background scenery as part of the ambiance for the day party called Brunchella. The vision and well-put-together event by Raymonn Moore and his associates. A well-known Memphis native. 

Moreover, there were several different food trucks to try out their flavorful cuisines and four different mobile bartending vendors with incredible cocktails. With quality music from some of the best DJs with live music performances from a string quartet and band.

This event also included some local boutiques and cigar lounges to even things out. All of this African-American excellence took place in Martyrs Park. 

Martyrs Park is a waterfront, landscaped park named for those who helped others during the 1878 yellow fever epidemic.  

Brunchella at its core, Brunchella 901 is a large brunch and day party featuring the best local caterers, bartenders, local brands, vendors, local entertainment, and DJs while raising money for an important cause.

Furtherly, families in Tennessee working hard to start families depend on grants, grants to assist with the astronomical costs of infertility treatments. We couldn’t be more proud of the causes we support, and looking forward to helping create more families in the future! We are thrilled to bring you to Survivors Park/Botanic Gardens, in the heart of Memphis.

(Nightlife Concierge 901)

My experience at the Brunchella was amazing. Serving the public audience as they made their way over to Bryan’s Mixology bar was phenomenal. Our Bougie Blue cocktail was one of the most talked about.

Due to its unique mixture of Blue Pinaq liqueur, Raspberry Vodka, Blue Curaçao, and Calypso Ocean Blue Lemonade with a sweet and delicious orange wheel for garnish. It was a number-one hit at this event, along with our Crown Royal Appletini, made with Crown Royal Apple Whiskey, Sour Apple Schnapps, and Cranapple Juice, garnished with bourbon, cherry, and lime slices.

In closing, we are on to the next event. Stay tipsy and have an excellent time during so! 

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