ST. LOUIS, MO – For the past 111 years, the St. Louis Argus Newspaper has established itself as a trusted voice for Missouri’s diverse African American communities. Founded in 1912 by brothers Joseph Everett Mitchell and William Mitchell, the St. Louis Argus is the oldest continuously operating African American-owned business west of the Mississippi River. 

Named after Argos Panoptes, a Greek mythological giant called the “all-seeing one” because his body was covered with 100 eyes that never closed. The Argus has steadfastly continued its mission to inform and protect the St. Louis African American community through its journalism, with insight, truth, and diligence.

Today, the ARGUS sports a different look, but it is still a “NEVER-SLEEPING CRUSADER” regarding Social Justice, Political Fidelity, and Economic Progress. It continues to uplift the African American community, as well as the larger community of Greater St. Louis and the surrounding Midwest Region, with its coverage of relevant issues, inspiring individuals and events, and its dedication to “Speaking Truth to Power” for the ascendance of a more inclusive, ethical and vibrant St. Louis.

To better meet the needs in today’s challenging political and social environment, the Argus will launch the “ARGUS NEWS. NOW. – Emerging From Our Past Into The Future” initiative to increase racial equity from all angles with a specific emphasis on Community Development, Healthcare, Economic Development, and Social Justice. In addition, the ARGUS News Now program will also highlight the work of diversity change agents, organizational advocacy, and community influencers committed to building equitable solutions. 

Recently, the Argus has also expanded its reach to regional news affecting Kansas City, East St. Louis as well as St. Louis City and County. In addition, the Argus News is embracing technology to reach old and new audiences and adopt a digital mindset to reach more than 400,000 online readers and subscribers via its website, e-mail and social media platforms.

“We are inviting all companies, organizations, and individuals to get involved in this new initiative and serve as key partners who will work diligently to decrease the disparities in the African American community,” said T.D. El Amin, publisher of the St. Louis Argus. 

Specifically, the Argus is currently searching for Key Partners to inform, assist and provide funding sponsorship for developing solutions-based access to resources. Key partners will attend virtual town halls and in-person events and address the intersection between financial, community, and health equity areas of focus. The Argus is particularly looking for representatives from community development financial institutions, public-facing institutions, community service organizations, and philanthropic organizations.

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Interested parties should contact the ARGUS in St. Louis  at  / or call to schedule an appointment 314.632.6079.

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