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The mental health of children and teens in the U.S. has been getting worse for years before the pandemic. The pandemic only worsened things. That's what prompted the task force to look closely at the research to see whether screening children using standardized questionnaires might benefit them.
The bill simply calls for the reclassification of cannabis products so that it’s possession is no longer a criminal act under the Controlled Substances Act of 1970.[2] When the industry is finally formalised and regulated on a federal level, new taxes would be levied on marijuana sales and the proceeds would go to helping the communities most adversely affected by the decades-long ‘war on drugs’ that first started under the Nixon administration over half a century ago.
Her parents established a crowdfunding page to pay for the high-tech treatment. The post Severely disabled girl uses robot to walk appeared first on Zenger News.
It wasn’t until now after doing some research I realized exercise actually makes you happy. I assumed it was a sense of accomplishment but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Exercise has been studied and proven to improve status of health, enable happiness, and decrease the risk of depression.
It’s difficult to stand up and continue to fight when you have been repeatedly knocked down. Those who do develop the characteristics of perseverance and resilience necessary to succeed in life and prevail over life’s trials and setbacks. This life principle applies to health and fitness, too. If you’ve fallen down and can’t get back on your diet and exercise plan, then read today’s article for inspiration to stand up and try again.
It’s finally 2022! The holiday festivities are over. Resolutions have been made. Unfortunately, some have also already been broken. Even though the party is over, there are always stragglers who don’t know when to go home. If you find it difficult to leave the holiday junk food party, read today’s article for motivation to adopt and maintain a healthier lifestyle in 2022!
Food and beverages provide sustenance to your body, but did you know that the Word of God does, too? Perhaps the hunger pangs you have been experiencing were not an invitation to sit down to holiday leftovers, but a beckoning of the Spirit to eat of His Body and drink of His blood. If you are willing to make God’s Word part of your diet plan, read today’s article to taste and see that the Lord is good!
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