A Valentine’s Day Prose.
You are special to me and will always be special to me. Though you choose not to believe me I hope one day you can and maybe, just maybe this message to you can be a step in that direction. You should know Boots these are 21 reasons why you are special to me.

21 reasons why

  1. Before the streets, before the women, before the sports, before the popularity, even before high school, it was you and I.
  2. You’ve been my friend for eleven years, my longest friend.
  3. You motivate me to be a better man, to be a better person, to be a better Christian.
  4. You stimulate a willingness to be patient and wait on me
  5. I’ve been in love with you 5 years, 5 months and 4 days to the date 
  6. You truly complete me. You are my rib.
  7. I fasted for you. I fasted on the decision to pursue you and leave my ex. I fasted for your well being and for God to work on your heart. I fasted he take the taste for weed out your mouth. I fasted things look up for you and all of that happened even on your job your boss was leaving you alone for a while. Even you started to go deeper and want to pray. 
  8. You got me out my mama house. You the motivation behind that.
  9. I’ve been waiting for you
  10. You have been the motivation behind seeking God
  11. I actually went out my way to look for wedding spots and talk wedding plans with you.
  12. I offered you to stay with me. I got bros who asked or begged to stay and I turned them down and referred them somewhere else.
  13. You say that I’m nonchalant but I’m passionate about you and being with you I’m adamant about working and collabing with you. I’m passionate about what your passionate about. 
  14. I got a dog because I was lonely but mainly because a dog is the closest thing to a kid. I wanted a little experience to help me be a step father should we get serious. 
  15. I’ve jumped at every opportunity to be there for you and come through for you because I truly care about you.
  16. True words when I say this, you’re the only one I “simp” for and though I hate it, I’ve come to terms with it. It is what it is.
  17. I strive to push and motivate you to pursue dreams and be who and what you want to be. I have given so much energy towards you and seeing you succeed and just happy.
  18. I’m in love with you and that has come with a lot of pain and patience and hope and yet I’m still here holding on to the possibility of us being real again.
  19. I love you and I love your daughter. I want to be there for both of you. I want to be that missing piece to a family for the both of you.
  20. Every girlfriend I’ve had I’ve never left for good. If I did leave I would come back after they wore me down to come back. Or I just would never leave. I just dealt with it and settled and we wouldn’t end until they ended it. I left a girl in love with me and probably would not have left me either. For the first time in my life I broke that cycle and left and I left her for you. 
21. Courtesy of John Legend You & I

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