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Part 1 of 4

This will be a 4-part series, and then I will return to criminal justice and injustice issues in November.

This is will certainly create a heavy discussion among the followers of Jesus, along with certifying I could be out of my mind.

Tithing began unofficially in a land where Abraham was called from {Genesis 12:1} which is name UR. Now historically, there were two cites name UR and just as different as night and day.

The hesitation on Abraham part about leaving UR will make sense, once the comparison is made. Think of a place where great comfort exists, sought of your dream home, with running water and you hear a voice tell you to leave this place and go elsewhere.

See, Abraham doesn’t exactly know where is going but he’s not comfortable leaving the best for uncertainty from voice that has no face. Abraham was used to the polytheism gods, though they never spoke, move or heard him speak, they did have structures, but this voice only has, seemingly persuasion technics.

UR was a place with hot and cold running water, libraries, schools, paved road, multistory buildings, major temples, lush homes with lush gardens and many conveniences LONG BEFORE white people were made from the mountains.

I had to say that because of my teachings and what history has shown me. Can you see why our history has been hidden from us? Anyway, back to tithing because I kind of digress for a moment.

Again technically, no matter what you hear or have heard tithing wasn’t a law at first. It wasn’t a command from God, it was the norm in that country to pay tithes to deities and just like bad breath, he brought that with him.

It was matter of high respect and when you heard about it, it’s a conversation explaining to Melchizedek in Genesis 14: 17- 22 why he is tithing to him. Please remember Abraham bring this manner of financial expression with him. When I went to prisons, no one taught me how to respect women and l stand up when they enter the room; I brought that with me.

 Abraham brought with him this practice and it was a good a good tradition and very admirable to respect the priest and the king. Yet, no where in storytelling or writings from the prophets, did God tell Abraham to pay tithes not only not him or anyone else. This was the custom and it carry over with Moses.

Too often much emphasis has been placed on paying tithes in the Christian churches along with an offering and that practice was dismissed at the cross. Not the tithing but the offerings with the tithes.

Yet, we are getting ahead of ourselves, and my assignment is to free the people from financial bondage that many pastors are FULLY aware they are placing the people in those prisons.

 I said it and I meant it! How can you attend seminary with and graduate but will not tell the truth to the people? How do you sleep at night, knowing you are lying to the people and causing much hurt to come to them?

If God said, in Malachi 2: 13-16 not to harm you wife, when did he say, but trick the people? Tithing is of God approval but there are many pastors, drunken deacons, good intentions clergy have and are still deceiving the people.

Always talking about what the bible says, with a picture of white Jesus (a deliberate form of slavery and oppression and reverse psychology) while deceiving the people with twisted verses.  You know what? My time is up, and I thank you for reading my article.

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