I’ve never in a million and one years, could ever phantom that I would be driving again. After a near tragic accident that could have paralyzed or killed me. Buying a car was the furthest from my mental capacity.

But I had to think about Covid-19, and all the people who placed innocent people in danger. From mass transit to the danger of simply touching surfaces trying to commute.

In addition, as you get older you tend to want to be able to get in and get out, if you will. You don’t want to have to wait on anyone to do a dang thing for you.

Having your own transportation can be a cure and a curse. Surely, you can get around and do what you want, but it also is bad for a person who needs to walk and do cardio.

Well I made an agreement with my client, to purchase their lemon, but a great lemon. I think Chevrolet’s are the best car for your mileage. Moreover, if you are buying one that is still in great shape.

On that end, my little cute almost lemon fits that grill. Yet as the harsh winter month came a calling in the Midwest. A lot of issues started rattling on.

Nonetheless, don’t get me wrong, I knew this car had issues. So, all I had to do was say NO.

Even though I did say no for several years, as the car that I now call my own, sat in the garage.

I am here to say if you do buy an as is vehicle. Please be prepare to get very exhausted, exhausted with your funds as well.

I have a family member, who had bought a 2018 from the dealership, and that car is much newer than my 2010. And now they are kicking themselves because of all the problems it is giving them.

First, when I drove the car, things were fine. Then after a few weeks, here comes the check engine light. I then decided to take it to Jiffy Lube, for an oil change.

And if you are a lady, please take a male with you. Them techs are good sales reps, but they can intimidate the heck out of a weak thinker.

However, I read right through them. I paid for the oil change, and thanked them for the immediate concerns of my nice lemon.

After all the compliments they had given my car months ago, yet they still had reservations. At that time my wallet was empty and I just treaded on.

Then after a while here comes the 02 Sensor drama, air filter, spark plugs, the cracked gasket; causing oil leaks, right front light, windshield wipers assembly, serpentine belt, and finally brakes. So, with all this I was not ready to throw in the keys.

I got off my feelings and decided to rebuild this car. An LTZ is worth saving in my opinion.

Since so many people complimented the car, I decided to just buckle up and put thousands into it.

Yes believe me, it was well over a grand to get it drivable. Once I placed it on the highway, I felt it was good to go.

Imagine driving on a highway with no license plates, just to blow the car out. Well it was worth it, and I passed the inspection.

Now what, well ladies if you are reading this, get you a trusted mechanic. I suggest one that works out of his own garage, and is ASE certified.

They can help you get your car ready for the winter and guide you all the way to spring. Take it from me, a man with a plan, me and my lemon will be together for a minute. So, I am surely going keep me a mechanic close in my rear view.

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