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Alicia Boler Davis, a senior vice president who oversaw Amazon’s logistics warehouses, and Dave Bozeman, vice president of transportation services, “have decided to explore new opportunities outside Amazon,” newly named operations division chief John Felton said in an email to staff.
Becoming healthy and getting fit are battles that most people are losing. Although weight loss failures are disheartening and overcoming eating disorders can seem overwhelming, you should not give up. Your life depends on it. Read today’s article for encouragement, inspiration, and motivation to keep fighting on the health and fitness battlefield until you are victorious!
Father knows and shows that sometime his Spirit and his soul would break if he does not adhere and allow the tears to roll down his cheeks … It’s no disgrace to weep to release…
For immediate release Release dated:  June 10, 2022 Media contacts:  John Jamison, Marketing and Communications, 612-552-0717, john.jamison@theurbanfly.com  While it has long been celebrated in African American communities, Juneteenth has taken on a higher profile after becoming a federal holiday last year in the wake of the murder of George Floyd. Known as Black Fourth of July, Independence […]
It can be difficult for people to understand that obedience to God’s commandments is proof of your love for Him. It is even harder for them to equate worshipping God with being healthy and fit. Read today’s article to learn how health and fitness corresponds to your spiritual relationship with the Lord.
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