#HBCUBrilliance Twitterstorm: February 15, 2022, 1:00 PM EST

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Join us on Twitter where Dr. Andre Perry will partner with Reinvestment Fund to discuss any HBCU issue related to funding for HBCUs or their misunderstood value on the #HBCUBrilliance chat. Topics can range from endowments, access to capital, community partnerships, program excellence or constraints, systemic racism, and demographics.  

Questions we hope you’ll help us answer include:

  • What does #HBCUBrilliance mean to you? 
  • What are some of the biggest myths and misconceptions about HBCUs? 
  • What would equitable access to capital mean for your HBCU? 
  • We are just getting started. Who else needs to be at this table? 

Insights we’d like to share: 

  • HBCU impact goes far beyond the walls of the institution—they carry their communities.  
  • HBCU value is largely misunderstood and underestimated by financial institutions.  
  • HBCUs and CDFIs share the same mission support and elevate historically excluded people and places.  

This month, Dr. Perry is also partnering with us to lead a virtual series of cross-sector convenings with financial institutions and HBCU leaders to inform a new path forward.  

We hope you will join us on Twitter on February 15th at 1PM EST to connect with more partners and gather new insights.  

 Help Us Spread the Word Join us for the #HBCUBrilliance #twitterstorm on shifting how #HBCUs are recognized for their value  w/ @andreperryedu @reinvestfund: Tuesday Feb 15 at 1pm EST.
HBCUs’ impact goes far beyond the walls of the institution. They support the social and economic wellbeing of the surrounding community. #HBCUBrilliance 
 Reinvestment Fund’s Commitment to HBCUs  Since 2018, Reinvestment Fund has loaned $35 million to Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs). To date, Reinvestment Fund’s financing has supported the financial health and funded capital projects. We are curious about the challenges and energized by the opportunities we’ve observed in this sector and seeking philanthropic support to help HBCUs get the resources they need to better serve their students, faculty, staff and deepen their community impact.      Reinvestment Fund is building a $25 million HBCU Brilliance Fund to demonstrate the type of technical and financial support that will position HBCUs to make critical investments in their facilities, financial stability, and long-term growth to better serve their institutional missions. While HBCUs are experiencing unprecedented media attention and philanthropic support, they remain severely underserved. For all 107 HBCUs, the total endowment amounts to $2.1 billion. In comparison, there are 54 predominantly white [education] institutions (PWIs) that have $2 billion or more in just their own endowments. According to The Institute for Higher Education Policy, PWIs receive eight times the philanthropic dollars per student as that of HBCUs. After nearly two centuries of extremely disparate treatment of HBCUs, Reinvestment Fund hopes to organize partners on a new path forward.  www.reinvestment.com

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