You go through it by flowing through it

You flow through it so you grow from it
You grow through it , gloriously glowing and knowing who love you Baby and who’s got your back
You pray through it , so you don’t have to suffer through it
You laugh through it, so gloom and doom want make you a victim of it
You smile through it
you cry through it
Dancing like the golden and orange leaves of oak trees,

In the swiftly soft flowing fall breeze
Loving hugs from the fall wind, surround the physical body feeding your indwelling spirit
take your shoes off walking barefooted on Mother Earth 

 Grounded and centered you know your value and worth

No need to take God’s name in vain Cause you my Beloved are ALIVE, AWAKE & AWARE

Knowing you have been given   COURAGE 

IT is your ticket to Board The love Train with people from all over the LAND! Once again you have gone Through it and together now, we all stand!

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