STAY N Your Lane
Don’t be casting no shame

Cause Life is Glorious and I AM Victorious
Cause The Divine
Has been loving and Kind
Every Breath has given me one more sweet moment in TIME
No Regrets or Remorse
Cause it guided me to all my choices
For the highest good of self & all humanity

Stay N your Lane Don’t be casting No shame!

Tossing aside egos and wasted vanity
Living assured all that I desire
Is always flowing to me
Mindfully I am free
Prayerfully on my knees
Spiritually There is no one else to please or more to process like I am broken or not enough
All I graciously Ask of you.

Stay in your lane , Don’t you be casting no shame

Cause after it all been said & done
No Differences or inequalities
Can dim the love and light inside of us all
Standing Tall and Strong with courage and compassion as foundation
The winds of change cease to unravel me..
No morsels of uncertainty can feed my soul or deter it from its purpose and Trajectory ..

Well, Well !Stay N your Lane Don’t you be casting no shame

Cuss me out if you must
Call me Crazy and whole lot of other undesirable undeserving nasty names.. Hey that your Shit so you better stay in Your Lane
Hey, I got on my BiG Girl pants
And I have a habit of Turning all kind of mess and adversity
2 that which centers and surrounds me with God’s Grace and Tranquility
Got the picture my Beloved One..
Hey I ain’t about to become Undone

You done Elevated my vibration
Cause me to be Unapologetically
Flying Higher than before
Knowing in my Heart
Life is not a TEST
Nor what you say or do Is A Threat

to my ongoing Serenity and Blissful Soulful Co- Existence with myself and All Humanity.

.You better not look back from your side mirror or even the rear view too…

Cause you ain’t got nothing to do with how I now choose to be about my business and not about YOU!!

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