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On a beautiful late spring afternoon, two 11 year old boys were sitting in class And in many ways, they were very much alike.They were both outsiders, minorities in a classroom full of children,

They were both really intelligent and ahead of their classAnd while the teacher droned on and on during Social Studies Class. They were both bored, looking for something productive to do.

So they started a competitionTo see who could draw the coolest looking robot 15 minutes in, the teacher looked at one of the children and said “Stop that right now. You are disrupting class and need to learn to pay attention. You will be joining me in detention after school today!”

The curly-haired boy responded “But what about Charles?” pointing at me. “He’s doing the exact same thing!!!”The teacher responded, “Charles is different. This classwork is way below his level and he’s bored. I wish I could do more to foster his intelligence and creativity.”

WHAT MADE THE DIFFERENCE, Have you ever wondered, as I have, why these kind of differences exist in life?Two kids, who despite doing the exact same thing, get treated completely differently?

While one gets detentionThe other is placed into a gifted programIs it native intelligence, talent or dedication?Is it that one kid simply isn’t willing to put in the work?

Is it that one kid wants success and the other doesn’t?No, it is none of the above.

You see, the difference is my black hair is naturally straight.While his black hair is curly.

And although my eyes are slanty his skin is dark. And 30 years later, life is still pretty much the same.

My eyes are still slanty. My hair is black and straight.

And I am still considered “gifted”A “visionary” who pushes the boundaries of technology and science.

And 20 years ago, out of a Hyde Park dorm room. When I started my first business using “unlicensed” wireless technology. Repurposing airwaves used by microwave ovens to “illegally” bridge the digital divide.

I was legalized and built a $50+ million business. The first of 3 in my career.

And the double standard continues because while I was creating wealth. My dark-skinned friend who also happens to live in Hyde Park now.

Who also happened to start a multi-million dollar business on the “fringes”.

Ended up spending 20+ years in “detention” and even though he is vegan. Prays daily, doesn’t drink alcohol.

And has founded and operates a not-for-profit that has been nationally recognized for its out-of-the-box solutions. Focused on violence prevention.

He is not given a seat at the table. And as for the thing that caused him and millions of others like him to go to prison.

That has become “legalized” over $2 billion in sales since it became legal in Illinois.

HOWEVER this time…I AM CHOOSING a different path.

Because even though I was offered a seat at the table.

At the end of the day, I need to be able to look at myself in the mirror.

So I stand with Tyrone to show that things aren’t fair. And if you continue reading on.

I will share how you can help out. By fighting injustice and standing up against large corporate monopolies.

To make a difference and to bring about lasting positive change. So I’m posting a link to a petition that I’d like you to read.

And for each person who decides to sign it. I will personally be donating $1 (up to $10,000) to support Tyrone’s cause.

Because I want to get 10,000 signatures. So that Tyrone and others like him can have a chance.

And out of respect for the rules of this group (no outside link spam)If you’d like to sign this petition comment ECCSC below.

And I’ll dm you the link to sign. Finally, if my story was good enough to prompt for action and you really do care.

The Petition

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