Have you ever wondered where the word crap originated? Or have you noticed how often this word is used by the people whom you come into contact with on a daily basis?

Further, do you know what this word means? Is this a word that denotes negativity when used, or are you Positively Inspired in all circumstances?

Well, over the past several weeks, I have heard this word used in many different ways, and so I decided to investigate its origin and usage.

Thomas Crapper, an Englishman, is often thought of as the man who invented the flush toilet that we utilize today, but he did not. Instead, he made many improvements to the flush toilet and was the first known Sanitary Engineer.

Through his company, “Crapper & Company” in London, he received several royal warranties and operated the first bath, toilet and sink show rooms. During World War I, it is said that an American service man who used Thomas’s toilet, used army slang to describe his journey to said toilet, i.e., “I am going to the Crapper.

Hence, the toilet has continued to be referred to in this manner.

CRAP” is a slang word for bodily waste, rejected matter or rubbish.

This word first appeared in the Oxford dictionary in 1846. Its usage, when I ponder upon it, brings negativity to mind.

How in the world could one word evoke such immense feelings of disdain and disgust? Well, simply because of its affiliation with toilets, rubbish and waste.

Most recently, I called my brother to inquire how he was recovering from his recent surgery. “How are you feeling?” I asked. “I feel like Crap,” he replied.

On another occasion, one of my friends, who shall remain nameless, was very upset and disgusted. “What has you so upset?” I calmly asked in an effort to comfort her. “I can’t take this Crap anymore!” she replied.

Later during the week, I was discussing a business deal with a person whom I trusted and when we had a difference of opinion, her reply was, “This is really Crappy.

By now, as you digest and add up all of what I have said, the word “crap” is most commonly associated with just feeling down, caught up in the gloomiest and dire situations, even worthless, you might say, in the muck and the mire of daily living.

Several months ago, I found myself in the muck and mire of my own life and I will say here, it was pretty crappy. I could not see a way out. Members of my own family expected me to be the dutiful daughter, to not speak up and to not be my authentic, beautiful self.

I was called selfish and self-centered. Loads of shame (crap from the past) and guilt were used as weapon in an attempt to keep me in line with old expectations and dysfunctional patterns of generational family pathology. This was heart breaking and sad for me.

I knew deep inside that this was yet another comic 2×4 for the CRAP to be used to alter and change me from the inside out, thus altering the trajectory of my life as I knew it.

Yes, I said, “Crap!” “Crappy” situations produce chaos, change and yucky, uncomfortable feelings, however, when viewed as the catalyst for growth and the emergence of something even greater in our lives, we can say we used the CRAP as fertilizer to enhance and grow ourselves holistically.

We can discard what no longer serves our highest good nor that of others. We can forgive, let go and choose not to be dragged or plugged into the CRAP. All it takes is for us to make the decision to see the good in all situations, in all people, and yes, even the CRAP.

Then, my fellow soul companions, all of us shall be “Positively Inspired” when we are facing Crap or hearing someone else use this slang word.

Meet me in my Heart,where Love and peace reside…flowing with grace and ease…We all R Unbecoming what we have been programmed to be.For Now, we choose to express our True Divine Identity…

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