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Choosing a college major is a big decision that can impact the course of your professional life forever. It could directly determine how much you will make 5, 10, and 20 years after you’ve walked the stage and accepted your diploma for all your hard work.

Continue reading to learn about the degrees that will help you land a 6-figure job. These difficult programs are the ones in the highest demand in the current economy and will continue to reward those who stick with them with the best jobs out there.


Engineering is the gold standard for degree programs that produce 6-figure salaries. Depending on your specialty, which can range from mechanical engineering to electrical, computer, civil, aerospace, and more, engineering consistently ranks at the top of lists of the most valuable degrees, with a median salary of around $160,000.

Computer science

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Computer science may not have emerged until a few decades ago, but it is now one of the most in-demand career paths. Whether you apply your degree skills to a corporate IT job, programming at Google, or working for a government entity like NASA, computer science is a 6-figure commitment, with a median salary of around $140,000.


As with the previous degrees, mathematics rewards diligence in a complex field that most people stay away from. The indispensable careers available to mathematics majors, including operations analysts, financial advisors, and more, net them an average annual salary of $138,000.

Business operations research

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This degree is the most profitable path for business majors, which produces high-demand graduates who help corporations increase the efficiency of their business operations. Since the profit potential for the businesses is high, the salary of the graduates is high to match the importance of their expertise. These degree holders earn around $137,000 on average.

Political economics

Public policy determines how money is earned, saved, and spent. It directs the financial plans of individuals, communities, and even nations. It starts with a degree in economics and progresses to this specialized field, whose employees earn up to $136,000 per year.


Becoming a pharmacist puts you in a highly specialized and in-demand field, especially in a post-pandemic world. As people live longer, there are more elderly people in need of pharmacies, making this degree even more valuable. On average, pharmacists can expect to eventually earn over $132,000 per year.


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Marketing is a huge field. Not everyone with this degree will earn six figures. However, if you can progress to becoming a corporate marketing manager, this degree can earn you around $132,000 per year.


Accountants help businesses and individuals manage their taxes and plan their financial futures. Either as consultants or salaried public accountants, this degree can earn its holders up to $131,000 per year.

The Takeaway

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This list is not the final word on profitable degrees. However, they represent the ones most likely to net its earners a 6-figure salary in their chosen field. If profits are your goal, this list is the place to start. Just remember – you’re more likely to earn money in a career you’re passionate about than one that you chose for its reputation alone.

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